Why and How to Use Instagram for Marketing

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Mary Rae Floresca| Negosentro.com

The key to the success of your brand is an effective marketing strategy. Aside from excellent product and customer service, you should be able to expand your strategy to what the mass is in hyped right now. One popular way to a successful marketing idea is to penetrate the Instagram community. Here are the reasons why and how to use it.

Because of Instagram’s popular demand by users also known as consumers, even the Fortune 500 utilized this social media app as a marketing tool. According to the recent study of TrackMaven, Fortune 500 companies have used Instagram, including the most popular times and days to post, and even what filters are most popular. This social media app could be an effective way for marketers to reach a new audience in a way the audience wants to be marketed to, and that’s with attention-grabbing visuals and compelling short messages.

Now you know the reasons why to use Instagram for Marketing, (yes thank you to the report), you may now grab your memo pad and list down the tips below on how to use the app in promoting your brand.

1. Create engaging posts

Based on the study, the Fortune 500 companies create posts that include a question mark or hashtag symbol in the comments tended to get more engagement. This makes more attention than exclamation points in the end of the posts.

2. Choose the right filter

But first, when you post a photo, make sure you took it with a good lighting. If not, the filter will not be that effective, the photo will be grainy. You don’t need to be an expert in photography but at least you should know what looks good. Based on the report, the most used filter by the companies are Mayfair and Hefe.

3. Time and day of the post.

The study found out that Fortune 500 companies tend to post the most content on Thursday and Friday each week. But most accounts are more engaging when posts are on Sundays. While most companies or social media handlers post from Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm, that would be less engagement. Better post from 10pm-3am.

4. Photo Contest and Promo Code

To gain more customers, conceptualize a photo contest. Customers can be very competitive, aspiring photographers and the like. Of course they want to win something from you. Come up with an easy hashtag. Another way is to post graphic images with promo codes for clients who wants to grab your limited discount prices.

5. Feature Customers/Feedback

Clients feel more special when you single them out by featuring them on your Instagram page. Rather than posting bogus buyers, post your best buyers. They tend to buy your product again. Feedbacks, on the other hand is another support to strongly use Instagram as a marketing platform. Skeptics look into your feedbacks and on their best judgement, most likely they will buy your products or services.


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