Benefits and Disadvantages of a Career in IT

Career in IT

Negosentro | According to one of the latest surveys, it is expected that the number of IT jobs in the U.S. will grow by 22 percent through 2020. This alone means that those aspiring to find a more welcoming job market might consider it as a potential career choice. Other than this, it’s well known that IT careers provide a lot of room for freelancing, as well as one of the most extraordinary paygrades there are. With all of this in mind and without further ado, here are several benefits and disadvantages of a career in IT that you should consider.

  • Peculiar working hours

The first thing you need to understand is the fact that IT experts don’t exactly work 9 to 5. Moreover, this can be both a benefit and a disadvantage. On the one hand, you may have the privilege of customizing your own hours, which can be a blessing in disguise for those who hate getting up early in the morning and believe that they’re more productive at night. The problem is, however, the fact that you’ll risk working yourself too hard. Nonetheless, those with enough discipline and suitable organization abilities really have nothing to worry about.

  • Specialization options

The very term IT can mean a number of things and if there’s one particular aspect of the work that you dislike, you can always specialize in something completely different. Being a software developer, a network engineer, network administrator, system analyst or a computer scientist all give you completely different experiences. This means that you’ll get to improve your skills in different areas, as well as handle different tasks than if you were to choose one of the other jobs in the field of IT.

  • Health and lifestyle issues

One of the downsides of a career in IT is the fact that it forces you to develop a more sedentary lifestyle, which may lead to a number of health-related issues in the future. Still, those who are great at managing their own time can always make their own fitness plan or develop a more active routine. Other than this, hours of sitting may have a negative impact on your back and posture, which is why some prefer to invest in standing desks or pay a fortune for ergonomic office chairs. Hours of staring at the screen (regardless of the device in question) aren’t doing you a favor either, which is why you might want to schedule an eye test every once in a while.

  • Numerous employment options

The best thing about a career in IT is the fact that it gives you so much flexibility in term of future employment. On the one hand, you can get employed in a small business or a major corporation. You can also be a full-time freelancer or choose to use telecommuting to supplement your main source of income. In other words, it doesn’t just give you a choice of which company you can work at but also allows you to choose the type of company, the industry and even your own work environment.

  • Mobility options and digital nomadism

Another great opportunity that an IT expert (especially an IT freelancer) gets is a chance to work on the go and become a digital nomad. While some people prefer to work from an actual office and in this way boost their productivity, there are a lot of people who want to use the fact that they’re not location bound to travel the world and explore all that life has in store for them. This alone would be reason enough to pursue a career in IT, although there are other industries that provide similar options.

  • The pay grade is amazing

Lastly, the pay grade is simply amazing and it keeps growing the longer you stay in the industry and the more effort you invest in self-improvement. Still, this means that you need to invest time, effort and resources (some courses are quite costly) in order to grow professionally. In the end, however, it’s all more than worth it and the ROI is simply amazing.

In the end, the question of whether or not this is something that you should engage in is a matter of personal preference? In other words, it’s something that no one but you can answer. Just be aware that a job of an IT expert isn’t an easy one, due to the fact that there’s much to learn and master and you’ll have to keep learning for the rest of your career. Nevertheless, with all the perks listed above, this life of consistent professional growth and discipline might be just what you need.


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