Simple Tools That Can Help Your Website Exponentially

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Exponential growth is not an option. Too many people care about how to do the work excellently. Only a few creators understand the importance of speed.

The following ideas will help you to upgrade the website in no time. They are also easy to maintain and delegate. You could even get started in the next five minutes.


We cannot prosper if we don’t know where we want to be. Of course, there is no way to get there unless we know where we are. Tracking is a practice that removes these barriers.

These apps are as relevant to measure your traffic as it is to check your conversion rate. You can track your keywords as well to improve visibility.

The process is as simple as connecting two websites with a link. You can use tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels in the business section. Then, we create our free account, verify our identity, and receive the link.

We can implement it in our website by putting the link in a plugin or just pasting a piece of code in the Html version of the website.

You can check if it is working by going to your page. Once you are there, use the inspect element tool and locate the code.


As mentioned before, there is an option that allows you to see the code of a website as a visitor. It is the most useful tool to locate errors, understand the structure of the site, and test your project from the visitor’s perspective.

It is imperative to recognize all the flaws before visitors find them first.

My favorite feature is customizing your website. Web design companies have an option called Custom Code. Imagine you find a competitor who uses an outstanding design.

You inspect the page, copy the relevant code, and paste it in your website. When you learn to code, this feature brings even more personalization opportunities!


You lose 25% of your visitors during the first three seconds when your page is loading. Six seconds is one of the worst cases; not optimized pages lose half of the audience!

Before even driving traffic, you should test this factor with a tool called PageSpeed Insights. It is a software Google created to provide an extensive report about website management.

All we have to do is write our URL, and we will receive a rating in a few seconds. Everything you can improve will appear on the report in detail. Picture your website having 25% more traffic with this trick!

As a quick tip, you should always have more than 90 points for the mobile version. The majority of your potential customers will use that method, and you would want to be ready for it.


There is nothing better for exponential results than using the public in your favor. They say everyone uses a different language for digital communication. Your website could compound traffic from other platforms and generate more engagement.

Social media are simple tools we can use to capture more visits and redirect them to the website. Crossing platforms is a broadly used method to increase the value of leads.

As mentioned before, you can track it with a code linked to an analytics application. Understanding our weaknesses help us to restructure the website.

Lead magnets are a perfect example of this. People receive a Free Gift in some platforms (usually Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) and redirect to the landing page.

What’s more, all those apps specialize on one purpose. Connecting to social media is the art of using the right language to communicate better and have more reach.

Using the best features of these free software saves thousands of dollars of investment. It is about time people use these resources more and more to establish their online presence.

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