A Step-By-Step Guide to Buying the Correct Stamps Online

Buying the Correct Stamps Online

Stamps have many uses, they can be used practically to allow you to post a letter, they can be collected and saved and they can be personalised, custom designed by you to reflect a special event you may be having or to represent your business, allowing your clients to receive personalised mail.


You can purchase all of your postage online, no more waiting in long lines at the postal outlet, saving time and effort. In a few easy steps and with a normal printer, you can order and print your stamps. You will need to parcel your item and weigh it. You will then be able to enter the weight, destination details and select the type of postage that you require, in the same way as you would at a postal outlet. You can choose between next day delivery, standard delivery etc depending on how quickly you need your item delivered. For items with a value, you will be able to choose an insurance option. Purchasing postage online in this way, allows you to purchase multiple stamps at the one time which is always handy for a business who has similar postal needs from day to day. You do not need any specialist printing equipment to be able to print your stamps.

Custom Design

There are options to design your own stamps check this out OnlineStamp.net. You can upload photographs, logos etc and have a really unique piece of postage. It is a great idea if you are sending out invitations for an event or if you are a business. It is a very professional touch for your letters and it also provides you with free advertising space as your letter makes its way through the postal system or as it sits on the desk of the recipient.


Collectors can also purchase their stamps online from a variety of outlets. It allows for greater choice and the process of finding a particular stamp to finish a collection becomes easier. If a stamp is not listed on a dealers website, it is easy to make contact and ask if the dealer could obtain it. It is also easy to view the stamps with picture resolution so clear now. Stamps can also be purchased via online auctions. There are a variety of choices online and for those starting on their road to being a collector, sheets of mixed stamps can be purchased as can albums to store them. Stamp collecting is a hobby enjoyed by people of all ages. Stamps are colorful and are often pieces of art in their own right. People also collect limited edition stamps which are provided by postal outlets from time to time. Stamp collecting can work as an investment too, avid collectors have collections with very rare stamps which are worth considerable sums.

So, whatever your need, stamps can be purchased online offering a choice of options and saving you a trip to a postal outlet or collectors shop.