5 Science Facts about the Importance of Your Birthday


Sean Blaney, Negosentro |  Science digs into so many aspects of our lives that we nearly find a cause and an effect for everything. Every detail matters and influences us. We constantly adjust our behavior to follow scientific guidelines – and we should do so. Each discovery and proven theory can improve our health and mind. However, scientists don’t ignore the importance of your birthday.

The day, month and date of the week you were born can predict specific aspects of your life that you should consider. Here are 5 unique science facts about the importance of your birthday.

There’s a Connection Between the Day You Were Born and Career Path

The day you were born can influence your life events due to a mystical connection between the two, studied by numerology. This science reveals details of what events or happenings you might be exposed to, by making a sum out of your birthday and month of birth. You can dig more into your birthday symbolism by using a calendar tool which shows what day of the week you were born on.  The day of the week you were born on gives clues about the positions of planets and stars, which leads you to astrology.

Numerology works as an indicator for the rest of your life. Here are those prone to success in life based on the qualities they develop:

  • 1st of the month – leadership skills.
  • 4th of the month – gifted manager and organizer.
  • 8th of the month – in control business owner.
  • 11th of the month – persuasion skills.
  • 14th of the month – gifted for processing and implementing ideas.
  • 17th of the month – fortunate financially.
  • 25th of the month – possible scientist.

Month of Birth Influences Your Mental Health

Scientists have deeply studied mental health, to find all details regarding their causes and evolution. Researchers from the Queen Mary University in London have investigated if the risk of developing specific mental health issues can link to a child’s birth of month. After monitoring over 29 million people, out of which 58,000 were diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and major depression, they have reached a conclusion. Month of birth may increase or decrease risk to develop one of the above issues.

  • January – Greatest risk for schizophrenia.
  • May – Greatest risk for major depression.
  • April, May, June – Greatest risk for committing suicide.
  • July – Lowest risk for schizophrenia.
  • August & September – Lowest risk for bipolar disorder.
  • November – Lowest risk for major depression.
  • November & December – Lowest risk for committing suicide.

Season of Birth Predicts Your Overall Health

There are patterns which connect your immune system’s strength and adaptability to the outer environment to your birthday. Scientists have developed several research projects for mice and humans in recent years and have reached a conclusion. There is a link between your season of birth and overall health.

  • Spring: March, April and May babies are optimistic. However, they are susceptible to develop depression-based health conditions.
  • Summer: These babies can be moody, due to being carried through frosty winter months. Not prone to diseases.
  • Autumn: Autumn children have low risks of developing diseases, thanks to being born when nutrients from food reach their highest level. They can sometimes be irritable.
  • Winter: Winter babies are less irritable than others. Moreover, they can be creative and have imaginative problem-solving skills.

Your Birth Month Sets the Tone for Your Education

According to British researchers from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS), your birth month may determine your academic skills. Researchers have studied around 48,500 students and teenagers. Cognitive skills seem to be connected to month of birth.

  • Lowest rate – August: Children born this month have lower confidence in their abilities and are usually unhappy during school days. They don’t attend top universities.
  • Highest rate – September: They might attend top universities. However, they prefer taking vocational courses. Also, they rate better in exam results than children born in August.

Birthday May Turn You into a Successful Sportsperson

Researchers from the Open University have studied football players from England, ice hockey enthusiasts from Canada and participants at the Beijing Olympics. They have found a correlation between birthdays of players and their success. First results have shown a significant percentage of 57% of the players being born in September, November and December. Only 14% of them were born in June – August.

  • Children born in January, February and March have more advantages than other hockey players. However, this is also due to the official cut-off date, which is January 1st.
  • January, February and March children are usually bigger than others, being born after cut-off dates.
  • Children born in September are usually older than other players from their teams and have more time to develop. August is the cut-off month, so children born the next month have size and coordination advantages.

Wrapping Up

Birthday influence includes a handful of aspects, including temperatures and sunlight that the mother is exposed to. However, scientists have made plenty of discoveries regarding your birthday. Surprisingly enough, one of them is that blowing candles is unhealthy. A cake which has blown candles has 1,400% more bacteria than a simple cake.

If your birthday was significant until now, it may become even more significant. Please note that the birthday is only an aspect from the complexity of your construction. Genetics, psychology, nutrition and lifestyle also matter. So, if you haven’t found your career or sports path yet, the above data may come in handy.

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