Picking the Ideal Hotel for Your Business Trip

Picking the Ideal Hotel
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NEGOSENTRO | Picking the Ideal Hotel for Your Business Trip | Business trips often come with a lot of stress. A bad night’s sleep at a sketchy hotel can make things worse. To ensure that you perform your best during your big meeting or sales pitch, you need a safe and reliable place to stay. Here are some tips for finding the best hotel for your work trip.


Before you research hotels, decide exactly what perks you want so you can narrow your focus to hotels that offer those services. If you are going to be away for several days, choose a hotel with laundry facilities. If you have early meetings, be sure to pick a hotel that offers wake-up services. To look your best for your big event, check out hotels that offer gyms for guests, as well.

 You should also learn about the different mattress sizes and which one is best for your body type. That way, you will know what type of room to get.

The best way to find out about a hotel’s general quality is to check online reviews. Some websites actually let you filter the reviews so you only see those made by business travelers. Do not just rely on one or two reviews. Instead, skim numerous posts and look for common themes, whether they are positive or negative.

Business Amenities

Not every hotel is equipped with the essential items that a businessperson needs. In-room phones and unlimited free Wi-Fi are must-haves. You should also look for hotels that have quiet work spaces where you can make any last-minute preparations. Coffee shops and bars are great options. Some hotels even provide printers, computers and fax machines for guests.

Some hotels also have on-site work spaces for brainstorming and training sessions. Holding your event in the hotel itself should streamline the planning process.


Of course, if you are not the one planning the event, then you cannot change where it is located. You might have to leave the hotel to get to your big meeting.

Being late because you were lost or stuck in traffic makes a bad first impression. You should thus try to find a hotel as close to your venue as possible.

Still, you also need to ensure the hotel is in a safe location. A hotel in a bustling financial district could still be dangerous at night when all the workers have gone home and the streets are empty.

The hotel should also be near the airport so you do not have to rush to make your flight going home. While researching the ideal hotel location takes some time and effort, it will pay off once you arrive in your destination.


The last thing you want is to be attacked or robbed while you are on the road. While security is a key concern for every businessperson, it is especially important for female entrepreneurs who are traveling alone. The hotel should thus have a well-lit lobby staffed with attendants who know who should and should not be there. Individuals should only be allowed to enter the elevators to the guest floors if they have an active room key.


If you are not familiar with your destination, walking alone or waiting for a taxi at night could be scary. Your ideal hotel should provide free shuttle services with a private driver. The shuttle can also take you to and from the airport and help you navigate local roadways. You also will not have to waste time or money renting a car.


While your hotel should be enjoyable, it should also be cost-effective. After all, you will not be in your room for most of your trip. If you are a frequent business traveler, consider signing up for a loyalty program. You could get special rates and free upgrades.

On a business trip, your main focus should be work. Following the above suggestions should help you find a hotel that lets you stay productive and minimizes distractions.

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