7 Ways To Reduce Printing Costs Of Marketing Materials Of Your Business


Justin Jersey, Negosentro | Any business that deals in bulk printing of marketing materials such as letterheads, flyers, business cards leaflets and brochures would want to economize without compromising the quality of their work. If you are in such a business and you want to keep the printing costs as low as you can, you can simply follow the follow tips:

  1. Edit Thoroughly Before Printing

Printing a big batch of materials only to find out that the work contained a mistake that forces you to trash the initial printouts and print others is very costly. Have one or two people proofread the work to ensure that it contains no mistakes before it is finally printed. In fact, the importance of proofreading should be emphasized to new employees so that they get into the culture of editing material all the time.

  1. Buy An Economical Printer

Find out how expensive it is to replace the ink and the cartridges and if there are higher capacity versions that are available. High capacity cartridges will enable you to print more pages when compared to standard cartridges meaning that you will not have to change them that often. In addition, buy a printer that has low energy consumption because it contributes in lowering the electricity cost.

  1. Look For A Printer With Multipage Printing Features

Some printer drivers are able to print several pages on one page. Such printers are very effective and they can reduce the printing cost by half since you are able to save on paper and ink. You will also b able to save most of the time that you would have spent at the printer.

  1. Only Print What You Require

Many businesses tend to print large quantities of marketing materials some of which are not necessary and they end up as waste. If you want to see a significant reduction in the printing costs, ensure that you only print on what is necessary and what you only strictly require.

  1. Don’t Print When You Can Pass It On Email

Some of the information that is shared within the office does not necessarily have to be printed. Analyze on the information that must be printed and do not print information that can be shared via other means such as emails. Apart from reducing printing costs, an office that has less paperwork is neat. However, it has become so common for memos to be printed and pasted on the notice board while everyone can be reached via email.

  1. Change The Way You Design Documents

Some documents sizes and layouts consume more paper and ink. Find out which documents design is much cheaper to print. However, it does not necessarily mean that smaller papers are cheaper to print. Just do the math, then find a balance between including more materials and printing less.

  1. Reduce The Font Size

This is probably the easiest way to save on the printing cost. Reducing the fonts ensures that you use less ink and paper. In addition, consider the font style that you are using on your documents. Some fonts are thicker than others are and thus they definitely consume more ink.


Perhaps the best way to save money from printing is going for a professional printing service provider.  Printing in Austin or other city is cheap for businesses as there are a number of good companies offering quality printing services to businesses.