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Fred Meyers, Negosentro | Hauling heavy industry equipment requires great preparation to ensure safety. You need to have the right people, tools, and vehicles to pull this job off. If you think you can’t meet all the preparations and requirements needed for this job, it would be best to hire the services of a heavy haulage company and let them do it for you. These companies provide an effective hauling plan for your heavy industry equipment and are trained to deliver them safely.

But if you think that you can manage it on your own, just be sure to observe the following preparations for hauling your heavy industry equipment.


Make a plan


You need to have a plan for hauling your industry equipment, especially if you are transporting them to a far destination.

  • Create a plan and evaluate all the requirements you need before moving your heavy industry equipment.
  • A well-established plan can lower the risk of mishaps and accidents from happening, especially when your heavy equipment hits the road.

You might also want to get some advice from a heavy haulage company on how to haul heavy industry equipment properly. They might give you some useful tips on how to handle and transport oversized payloads safely.

Secure all the essential legal documents


It is important to secure the legal requirements for moving industry equipment, machinery, or any large quantities of a particular material before you can transport them.

  • You need to get special permits and licenses for moving an “oversize” payload.
  • This is to make sure that the entire transport process is legal and that there are no laws violated.

To avoid delays and save expenses, be sure to secure all the permits and licenses ahead of time.

Choose the right vehicle to haul your heavy industry equipment


Choosing the right vehicle to haul your heavy industry equipment is essential. Not all types of heavy industry equipment are the same, and you will need to know which type of trailer is the right one for each of them.

  • When choosing the right vehicle to haul your industry equipment, you need to factor in the size of the load you want to move.
  • You must have the accurate dimensions, weight, and characteristics of your heavy equipment when choosing the most appropriate vehicle to haul it.

Prepare your heavy equipment for loading


Here comes the tricky part of the hauling process. It is important that you check and prepare your heavy industry equipment before loading it into the vehicle to transport it. Hauling mishaps or accidents are usually caused by lack of preparation and could result in a tragic incident. To prevent mishaps or accidents when hauling the heavy industry equipment you must:

  • Make sure that your equipment is secured and properly attached to the trailer. Do a walk-around to see if the equipment is tightly secured to the trailer. Be sure to tighten and secure all binders so they won’t come loose when you hit the road. Imagine what would happen if your heavy equipment falls off while on the road. It could cause heavy road traffic, physical or property damages, or delayed delivery.
  • Check if the weight is distributed properly. You must not forget about the weight distribution of the trailer. You should properly balance the weight on the trailer to avoid accidents. The heavy equipment should be a little bit heavier near the front of the axles and not on the back. Trailers that are heavy on the back tend to “wag” while on the road, which could lead to an accident.
  • Read the manufacturer’s manual of your heavy equipment. If you are unsure how to load the heavy equipment onto the trailer, you can read its manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to prepare it for hauling. You must follow the instructions carefully on the manual to prepare your heavy equipment for any mishaps during transportation and to make sure that it will be delivered safely.

Get the right driver for the job.


You need to get the right driver for hauling your heavy industry equipment. Your heavy industry equipment operator is different from the truck driver who will transport your payload safely to its destination.

  • The truck driver must be licensed to operate big trailers that can transport heavy equipment or oversized payloads.
  • The truck driver must also have a good amount of experience with heavy loads as well as a good delivery record.

Hauling heavy industry equipment is dangerous. There’s a lot of things to do and prepare ahead of time. You also have to adhere to the right traffic regulations for moving oversized payloads, which can vary from state to state. When the hauling process is not carefully planned and carried out correctly by a professional business such as Hevi-Haul, it may lead to a tragic accident and may result in significant financial losses. Be sure to have proper advance preparation ahead of the hauling schedule so your heavy industry equipment will be transported to its destination safely and efficiently.

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