5 Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Diana Smith, Negosentro |  It goes without saying that marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Fail to promote your business effectively, and chances are you’ll be forced to give up. But what to do if you simply don’t have enough funds to get your business out there? There’s no need to worry since we’ve compiled a list of 5 low-budget marketing ideas that are guaranteed to help you up your marketing game.

Find blogs to guest post on

Blogs are a huge thing right now and it makes a lot of sense to try to use that to your advantage when promoting your business. By this we mean you should try to find blogs to guest post on. What’s so great about guest posting on blogs is that you can use your expertise to draw more people to your business. Not only this but blogs you’ll guest post on have already reached the audience you want to attract to your business and the only thing you’ll have to aim at is giving them a reason to do so. Of course, it’s absolutely necessary that each of your guest posts includes a short biographical note about you and your small business.

Embrace social media

We live in the age where almost everyone use social media. Therefore, platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great places to promote your business. So, if you don’t already have a social media strategy, coming up with one is an absolute must. What you’ll need to do is start social media pages on as many platforms as possible and stick to the ones that prove to work for you the best. When promoting your business on social media, it’ll also be up to you to come up with interesting content to share with your followers. If you feel like you don’t have enough time to do this, hiring a social media manager might be a good idea.

Give guerilla marketing a go

When trying to promote your business on a low budget, turning to some unconventional ways of marketing might turn out to be a smart move. And that’s exactly what guerilla marketing is all about. Guerilla marketing emphasizes creativity over money and it’s usually not too difficult to implement. Companies why decided to give guerilla marketing a try managed to attract a lot people by using stencil graffiti, stickers and even treasure hunts. What makes guerilla marketing so fruitful is the fact that consumers love creativity and will always enjoy the idea of turning to a business with a good guerilla marketing strategy.

Invest in promotional products

Studies have shown that a lot of people remember when and where they received a promotional product. What this means is that using promotional products can help you give your customer base a huge boost. Most importantly, when investing in promotional products, you’re not going to need a large budget to start with. When it comes to choosing the type of promotional products to go for, items such as t-shirts and key chains are something you can never go wrong with. Also, bear in mind that things like promotional umbrellas and USB flash drives are something people love receiving.

Turn your vehicle into a moving advertisement

You’ve probably noticed how moving vans often have stickers with their company’s logo and phone number on it. But what if we tell you this is something your small business can benefit from as well? Applying a sticker to your vehicle is both inexpensive and easy, and it’s guaranteed to help you get your business noticed. In fact, a vehicle sticker can help you generate even up to 70,000 views a day, which is an amazing number for a small business like yours. Moreover, the next time you get stuck in the traffic, you’ll at least be promoting your business while on the road.

All of these ideas should help you get your small business out there without having to break the bank. Once money starts pouring in, you can start thinking about some other more expensive marketing ideas.

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