A Ultimate Guide For Wedding Catering

Ultimate Guide For Wedding Catering catering

Marriages in India are known as big fat weddings. A grand Indian wedding is incomplete without good food and drinks. At the wedding venue the very first thing that guests observe is the lavish spread of the wedding buffet. Gone are the days when the wedding catering was all about serving a three course meal. Modern Indian wedding are all about having a grand feast which includes varieties of appetizers, main course to the desserts. The paradigm of wedding catering has shifted to including international cuisines along with Indian cuisines in the wedding menu. 

Not only has the wedding menu undergone through transformation but also the wedding seating arrangement has undergone through it. Traditional sit down dinners have become a talk of the past, food stations, buffets, DIY counters are the hyping trend of the modern weddings. Wedding reception requires a lot of time, intensive planning and attention as it adds oodles of charm to the wedding. No matter in which part of the country your get hitched food is the quintessential attribute of your wedding soiree.

 So you’re getting married soon? You must be then looking for top wedding caterers in Ludhiana, Pune or wherever you plan to tie the knot? The wedding market has a number of available wedding caterers and from the choices selecting the ideal one is a dainty task. Are you confused about your selection? Here is a list of things that you need to know about wedding catering. Check it out people.

Wedding Reception style

A number of wedding reception styles are available in the wedding market and from the choices selecting an ideal one is a dainty task. What spikes up your wedding reception is catering style you’re opting for. SO here is a peek inside the best catering styles that are on hype this wedding season.

  1. Buffet

A popular style of serving food that has gained popularity in the modern wedding. The buffet is a laid back style of wedding catering with the emphasis on serving more at the price of less. The buffet dinner is a cost effective way of serving the guests with more food at an affordable price. Often in the buffet style there are servers behind the counter who serve the guests with food. The buffet style is an elegant and trendy way of serving food at your wedding.

  1. Food Stations

During the wedding guests like to roam around the venue and not just remain seated to a place. A food station is an ideal way of incorporating theme in a wedding. The food station breaks the monotony of serving food in a planned manner. Food stations focus on disorderly placement of food proves to be a visual treat for the eyes.

  1. Bite sized options

Minimalism is a hyping trend for this wedding season. The concept of minimalism has influenced every wedding aspect. The catering industry has embraced the trend of minimalism with open arms and has roped in the concept of serving bite sized pieces at the weddings. The bite sized catering does not restrict the guests to sitting down for having their meals rather it gives them the ability to roam around the venue for having food. The bite sized catering works well for the cocktail hour soiree.

Wedding Catering Types

The wedding market has number of wedding caterers available. There are different types of wedding caterers available in the market. Here are a few of the wedding catering types that are popular in this wedding season.

  1. In House Caterers

Many wedding venues such as farmhouses, banquet halls, resorts have their own in house caterers. Booking in house caterers saves you from the hassle of searching for outside caterers. Wedding venues often offer additional discounts for those who opt for their in house services as well. Booking in house caterers is a budget friendly way of saving on a few extra bucks.

  1. DIY Caterers

You might have attended weddings where there is self service in the reception area. The self service at receptions is known as DIY style of catering. DIY catering is the cheapest catering style and it gives the guests the ability to help themselves to as much amount of food as they require.

Following this guide would steer search for a wedding caterer in the right direction. Liked the post? Share with us in the comments below about your views on the post.

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