6 Ways To Surprise Your Partner In A Long Distance Relationship

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Negosentro.com | 6 Ways To Surprise Your Partner In A Long Distance Relationship | Love might come announced in your life but it surely demands its fair share of time, attention, communication, compromise, sacrifice and devotion.

Being in a relationship is never an easy affair but it becomes relatively difficult if a couple is in a long-distance relationship. It’s hard to keep up with the craving to touch each other and see each other every now and then. Phone calls become the lifeline of the relationship and seeing other couples walking hand in hand sharpens the miserable quotient of the situation. Distance between two loving hearts is never a good idea and it becomes twice the difficulty to keep the spark of romance alive in the relationship but if your heart is beating for your beloved, a simple gesture here and there could make the relationship stronger than anyone else’s. Here are a few suggestions that will remind your loved one that no matter the distance, they are still your top priority and you love them even more than before.

  • Write Love Letters

Yes, text and Whatsapp have made the exchange of emotions and display of feelings a lot easier but there is a certain old-age charm about the hand-written letters that says love better than anything else. Instead of writing one, scribble a series of it that she/he could open in certain situations. Write one for when they feel upset, one for when they are happy, one for when they feel worried and one for when they feel fear. You can choose the situation accordingly. This surprise will definitely sweep them off their feet.

  •  Say Surprise With A Cake

Birthday or not, a scrumptious slice of cake always stir a flavour of love in the heart. Surprise them with a midnight online cake delivery in Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and any major city of the country by placing an order of their favourite cake on any reputed gift portal. You cannot imagine how elated they will feel on this delicious gesture and will remind them that even today you are thinking about them at nights and dreaming of being together soon.

  • Plan A Date Night

Who says the date night is only for the couple who can meet each other in a fancy restaurant? You could schedule a date night right at your dining table or coffee table. Just prepare the favourite meal of your partner, light some candles, arrange the table well and skype your partner for a romantic date night with home-cooked food. It will be just like you two are sitting together. Tell them how much you miss them and take the first bite together to experience those love butterflies in the tummy.

  • Send A Care Package

It’s hard to show your care to your beloved when you two are miles apart but you can make the distance diminish with a beautiful care package for your loved one. Assemble all the essentials that they might need in their daily routine along with some healthy snacks, their favourite coffee, a few flavours of yoghurt, that funny stress ball you saw at the mall and mail it all in a box to your boyfriend/girlfriend and let them know that they still rule your heart.

  • Show Your Love With A Personalised Mug

With this present, they will be bound to start their day while thinking about you! Choose a coffee mug with a romantic illustration and make it more special by personalising it with a gorgeous picture of you two together. They will be joyous to receive this surprise gift at their doorstep. Every day, when they will use this mug to pour the coffee, they will be taken into a world of dreams of your love for them.

  • Pay A Surprise Visit

Nothing beats the surprise of you on their doorstep. Plan a visit but don’t tell them and let them think that they are stepping into another ordinary day. Expect a tight hug, loads of laughter and a passionate kiss when they will see you after a long time. Even if you do have to tell them, it won’t delete the element of excitement in their hearts as they will be anxiously waiting for you. 

Whatever surprise you choose, accompany them with a bunch of beautiful florals to admire their presence in your life. 

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