Great Visual Marketing Examples to Give You Inspiration

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Image Source: | 6 Great Visual Marketing Examples to Give You Inspiration | People are naturally visual creatures. Great photos, graphics and videos are intrinsically appealing to us and naturally capture our attention. This is why visual marketing is so effective, whether infographics, storytelling videos, biodegradable stickers, or something else. 

Visual content captures your audience’s attention and helps you stand out from the competition. It also builds your brand image, and can help you establish strong relationships with your audience. Here are 6 great visual marketing examples to inspire you!

1. Office Works

Office Depot’s long-running “Elf Yourself” campaign is a creative and fun example of seasonal visual marketing. It involves a basic program that allows customers to put their faces (and the faces of their friends, colleagues and family) on the heads of dancing elves. This then becomes an e-card that can be sent to your network.

This works particularly well because of the personal element that engages directly with the office supply brand’s customer base. The second element of genius in this campaign is that it uses the audience to promote Office Works to their networks: as the e-card is distributed, Office Works’ content is sent to more and more people, helping to build the brand. Above all else, however, this is a great piece of visual marketing because it fun and engaging.

2. Old Spice

Old Spice is a long-standing brand that has been able to modernize their image with engaging, innovative marketing. A prime example of this is their excellent visual marketing campaign “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” This serious of videos and print ads were well produced, funny, and had a clear message: an excellent example of simple and effective visual marketing.

The success of this campaign is off the back of not only creativity, but also solid market research: the brand had analysed sales and saw that the majority of their body wash purchases were made by women. They therefore targeted female consumers with this campaign, while at the same time not alienating male customers.

3. Buzzfeed

A great example of visual social media content is Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos. These are simple vdeos that show you step-by-step how to make a delicious-looking dish. The videos have been hugely popular, getting over one million  likes each and going viral thanks to users sharing them with their networks.

These videos are so effective because they take a simple approach and do it well and consistently. The videos are shot in a simple top-down style on minimalist backgrounds, which look aesthetically pleasing as well as being engaging and attention-grabbing. They do, of course, choose foods and dishes that look amazing and come across well on video! Finally, this is a great example of content that is not only visually stunning but also useful, and provides real value to their audience.

4. Coca-Cola

Visual marketing is not just about videos and print ads. You can also use visual marketing in creative media that can be very effective, as seen in Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign. This campaign involved putting 150 common first names on the labels of coke bottles and inviting consumers to share a coke with someone with that name. When this was first launched in Australia, it was hugely successful, boosting sales by 250 million bottles and cans in just one summer.

The success of this campaign was partly due to the creativity of using the labels on their own product for visual marketing. Moreover, they made it very personal by using people’s names and interacting with their customers on a very personal level, as well as encouraging them to do the same with others.

5. Beats

A unique and personal visual marketing campaign is the Straight Outta Somewhere campaign from Dr Dre’s Beats brand. This interactive campaign was released in collaboration with Universal Pictures to coincide with the release of the biopic movie Straight Outta Compton.

It encouraged users to create their own personalized meme based on the movie’s title artwork. This is another great example of a brand getting personal with their audience. This takes it one step further by letting people by involved in creating their own visual content, on a deeply personal subject, their heritage.

6. KLM

Another example of a highly successful video marketing campaign is KLM’s “Lost & Found”. The Dutch airline’s video commercial, which feature an adorable beagle that is returned to its owners after being lost, has been viewed over 22 million times. 

This is an excellent example of visual storytelling because it pulls on the viewers’ emotions in just the right way. It draws on common human experiences of the brand’s key demographic of travellers: losing important belongings while travelling. Most importantly, the video wraps up the story with a happy resolution, backed up by the claim that 80% of items lost in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport are returned to their owner.