Is An Encrypted Messenger Safe To Use?

3 Etiquettes to Follow in Business Text Messages Encrypted Messenger | Is An Encrypted Messenger Safe To Use? | Digital footprints we leave on the Internet are the source of income for corporations and advertisers. Whenever we use a daily web toolkit consisting of an instant messenger, mailing service, a web searcher, and other apps, you say more than you think. In-built trackers, dubious privacy policies, contribute to data mining, the media, IPs, searching history, and metafiles serve marketing goals and global espionage. Ad companies and Google mechanisms observe casual activities as watching movies, planning vacation itinerary, etc. so that they can manipulate users with target ads. This state of things, hyper-connectivity, is far from being healthy and unintrusive; it violates people’s privacy and safety. Thus, data leakage leads to identity theft, the proliferation of data brokers, cyber attacks, and robbery. How can you avoid interconnectivity and unsafe data flows? 

The proven and up-to-date way for privacy-conscious users are switching to encrypted platforms. Utopia is a breakthrough P2P ecosystem uniting robust toolkit for everyday use; it is perfect for communication, crypto transfers, website viewing, and cloud mining. Discover the details further! 

5 signs of a secure encrypted messenger 

Utopia users grow the networks day by day. Even though the ecosystem is new on the market, it wins over new audiences across the globe. What are the proofs Utopia assures enhanced security comparing to the competitors? 

  1. Robust encryption. The method of encryption Utopia developers introduced is the most proven and advanced people have discovered by today. The ecosystem employs the Elliptic curve and 256-bit processor, keeping the input, internal operations unreachable for sided intruders.  
  1. Decentralization. The exclusion of central data storage is a great protective means since a server is weak spot hackers are willing to reach. The data transmits end-to-end, protected, and encoded, strictly to the owner of a decryption key. Even devs can’t decrypt messages. 
  1. Anonymity. Utopia is a platform providing confidentiality to its users. Thus you never mention your real name, email address, ID, or connecting the messenger to your SIM card. Alternatively to a nickname, the system creates personal code for every user that is utilized for in-house actions. 
  1. Multi-purpose. You don’t need extra software to process your daily web actions – Utopia has all the must-have in-built. Thus, you can organize all the tools in the same window when activating the Hybrid mode. The feature is crucial and convenient for the working environment. 
  2. Automated mining. To obtain free coins, you just need to spend time online and enable Mining bot in the settings. As soon as you do this, coins recharge your balance automatically. Mining has never been so effortless! 

A review of Utopia embedded tools

uMessenger. The domestic instant chat is a place where you can exchange encrypted texts, files, and set aside group conversations. The communication is confidential and anonymous. Thus, group chats are encrypted by default regardless of the member count, which makes uMessenger superior to related messengers. Also, you can enjoy multiplayer games and brilliant stickers for brighter engagement. 

uMail. The local mailing service is encrypted and secure so that you can transmit business emails and files of different types. The only condition assisting to the in-app security is that you can only reach the addresses registered on Utopia. What is convenient about this mailbox – Templates feature. You can design a pattern for frequent letters and save the draft for quick use. Rapid correspondence and guaranteed security are free! 

Idyll browser. The integral web searching tool is designed to assist the viewing of domestic websites. The browser is free from advertising, intrusive tracking, and various forms of data amassing. The connections are encrypted, and cache along with metadata are never kept on Idyll. You can add your webpage using the in-built constructor – the process is easy for newbies!   

uWallet. The local financial center is multi-purpose and protects all domestic transactions. Thus, you can issue a crypto card design according to your preferences. After, you can allocate and exchange coins with other users across Utopia, buy goods and services. To trade using Utopia you can sign up as a merchant and set aside your merchant account. Remember to activate the Mining tool whenever you are online! 

Finally, the Utopia environment suggests users extended kit of features apart from conventional messaging. The network is a perfect way to bypass governmental tracking and commercialization of the Internet. Protect your files, assets, and actions by downloading Utopia free of charge! 

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