6 Ways to Lose Your Employees’ Respect


Gaining employees’ trust and respect is a challenge that every manager and supervisor have to take. Respect is not something to be imposed, it has to be gained. While there are ways to earn your employees respect, there are also ways that you are losing it.

Here are some behaviors that you should be aware of:



If you think fear can get all the things done, you’re wrong. Shouting and humiliating your employees whenever they have shortcomings will not result to respect.

The emotional stress that you caused when you humiliated an employee will go a long way. It can affect their performance and productivity in a negative way. Worse, you will not gain their respect.


When something’s gone wrong and you cannot change the situation, you cannot change it by pointing fingers. And there’s no way you can earn respect when you always find someone to blame. Also, instead of taking responsibilities, your employees will be hesitant and doubt themselves whenever they are given a task.


Every day, there are challenges along the way. When you overreact to every little mistake, you will not earn your employees respect. It is hard to move and work in a stressful environment. Don’t have a knee-jerk reaction. Instead, don’t react and keep calm. Give yourself some time for rational thinking.


Another behavior that can lose you employees respect is when you have the tendency to claim all the credit. Who will not be pissed off when you delegate all the workloads and take the credit for yourself?


If you are a workaholic, don’t assume that your employees are the same as you. Remember that they have a life outside of work. They have families, friends, and kids to spend time with. And keep in mind, you do, too.


How do you respond when an employee shares an idea? Do you always respond negatively? Do you block the idea before it is even tried or considered? One technique of being a good boss is to hire people who are better than you in many aspects. You have to accept this fact.

This means that in a difficult situation, you have to entertain an employee’s idea. You gain their respect; enhance their decision-making skills and critical thinking.

Remember, gaining respect is better than instilling fear into the hearts of your employee. This is one of the ways that you can increase their productivity and enhance their motivation. 

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