Leadership Branding – Authentic Branding is more than Self-Promotion


Leaders would always dream to be successful, be whatever field they are in. They want to create a long-lasting, high performing team, organization, or community. But whenever we repress a leader’s identity by our own perception of success, we limit their potential for growth.

A leader’s true worth can be seen on how he live out the values he deeply hold. When we continue to guide them through their transformation, we promote a culture of development that leads to change in organizations.

Why personal leadership branding?

Our brand is how we are perceived in the eyes of other people, particularly our associates and customers, but it signifies more than just self-promotion for leaders. Refining your brand entails building on your strengths. One’s individuality, abilities and branding must be developed. Jacqueline Whitmore, an etiquette expert, emphasized the need for business leaders to undergo a brand appraisal that will zero in on what personality you have in business, the value you deliver to customers and the difference between what you stand for and how people see you. How successful you are in positioning your brand will show on the success of your career.

While organizations invest in leaders to support its strategic goals, problems persist because the list of leadership competencies being enforced to them are not relevant to the business. According to Gerry Plana, Chief Executive Officer of Investors in People Philippines, these competencies must be lived out daily through a leadership brand. Leaders can create an authentic kind of leadership that doesn’t just advance their own standing as movers of their organizations but also inspires other people, in the long run produce more leaders.

Salt & Light Ventures – the producer and organizer of John Maxwell Leadership Summit, Happy at Work, Brand Boot Camp, Brand Strategy Forum, and other major learning events – once again held the Achievers and Leaders Summit. On its 16th run, the event revolved on the theme Creating Leadership Value. Leaders and decision-makers from various industries were given the right opportunity to invest in their leadership identities and grow their brand as a leader. The one day leadership summit hoped to address maintaining a leader’s competitive advantage through an authentic and powerful leadership brand. Leaders that are self-aware and a drive to become better in their craft create strong possibilities for other people to become better as well.

It featured experts and thought-leaders on the subject matter such as motivational speaker, Bo Sanchez, international business etiquette expert, Jacqueline Whitmore, and former Morgan Stanley CFO, now Chairman of International Care Ministries, David Sutherland, Chief Executive Officer of Investors in People Philippines, Gerry Plana, Managing Director of DSM Manila LLP, Carlo Mata, and Chief Learning Engineer of LinkOD Solutions, Luigi Mapa.

16th Achievers & Leaders Summit

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