3 Traits More Important Than Your Degree

3 Traits More Important Than Your Degree Working a Desk Job
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Negosentro | 3 Traits More Important Than Your Degree | Pursuing higher education and obtaining a degree in a field that you are passionate about is rarely a bad decision to make. A college degree will most likely open many doors for you that would otherwise remain closed. 

However, your degree is not going to get you your dream job on its own. There are a few key traits you should possess that will really help you in life, and are arguably more important than any degree.

For example, in this business interview, the entrepreneur stresses the importance of organization as a trait and how it can lead to success. 

Here are three traits that are more important than your degree. We’ll explore how to start applying them to your own day-to-day life. 

  • Integrity

Integrity can be a very strong trait to possess in the workplace because it will increase others’ respect and trust in you. Those who show signs of integrity will see people confide in them more. This will allow them to build strong relationships with their co-workers, which will undoubtedly advance their careers. This article from Indeed.com ranks integrity as the most valuable trait employers look for.

Practicing integrity requires you to become committed to your values and morals, and to act in accordance with them. Some good examples of practicing integrity include owning up to mistakes you make in the workplace, making ethical decisions, and respecting the space of others.

Another example of displaying integrity in the workplace is following through with your commitments. When people see that you are dependable, they will confide in you more and you will gradually become more responsible and respected in the company.

  • Good Communication

The ability to communicate properly in a workplace is crucial. The lack of good communication will seriously hinder your ability to succeed in the workplace. Fortunately, it is easy to begin practicing good communication and to recognize signs of miscommunication. 

A good tip is to always send important information in writing in addition to communicating it verbally. If you are relying on another individual for help, it is always a good idea to ask them in an email so that they can reply on their own time and give you the best response.

For example, sending out an email to your co-workers if you are requesting their help can be a good way of practicing clear communication. That’s because it will give you the opportunity to type out exactly what you need in a detailed way rather than dumping all of it in a conversation where they are likely to forget information.

If you want to learn more about what it means to have good and effective communication, check out this guide here.

  • Team Player

Being able to work with a team is a very underrated trait, and it is one of the most important traits to have in the workplace. When a team is correctly cooperating and coordinated, they are exponentially more efficient than one person doing a project on their own. Having the skill to work in a team environment will go a long way, and it is often more valuable than having a degree.

Additionally, if you have a co-worker come to you for help or advice, be sure to follow up and help them with their problem. While there may not seem to be an immediate reward, you will gain the admiration not just of the person you’re helping, but of all those who see how much you’re helping. This shows how helpful and valuable you are to the team and company.

If you are seen as a good team player and valuable contributor to projects, it will greatly boost your image in the workplace and lead to more opportunities for promotions and greater responsibilities. 

We hope you found this article helpful, and that you now know some important traits to possess in the workplace that are arguably more important than your degree. 


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