Life Lessons that Golf teaches you

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By Mary Rae Floresca |

Golf has been a sport for many centuries now. It’s a game that you do not just swing your golf club and your done, like any other sports, we train to become better. Here are some lessons that you learn from playing this ancient mind game.

1. Ability to adapt

Nathaniel Puckett, who’s been playing golf for 10 years now explained, “When you’re playing, you’ll also understand to be one with nature and play by what nature has to offer. You’re the one to adapt and adjust kung ano yung dating ng golfcourse lalaruan mo.” This scenario is familiar when you just got hired in a different company, or when you attend a party. You have limits, but you must be flexible and adjust to the environment.

2. Focus and Concentration

When you feel disoriented, you will loose that focus you need to accomplish your daily task. This is required in playing golf, it’s more like a mind game than physical. “When in the game, you’re directing your attention away from regular or cyclic usual pattern in life”, Puckett described. When you have a goal in life, make sure that you are focused in achieving it. Channel your mind into thoughtful concentration.

3. Respect -keep quiet

As the old saying goes, “Respect others so they will respect you”. In playing golf, since it’s a mind game, you should keep quiet, golf players are concentrating, there should be no distractions around them. Imagine how disturbing it is when you’re doing something really important and someone breaks the silence?

4. Embrace challenges

Challenges keeps you insane at times, but it teaches you lessons. Even simple rough paths in the golf course, literal or not. There are courses that are a lot of hills. It’s a disadvantage, it’s quite difficult, but then again, you should be hardworking.

5. Have Fun

This game is more in the serious side, but that’s why people play, it’s for leisure. “Golf is also a good way to break away from stresses in life.”It is important to relax sometimes while incorporating fun activities into your life.

Final thought from an amateur golfer and founder of Augusta National Golf Club, Bobby Jones, “Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball where it lies.”

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