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6 tips for your content marketing strategy 2020 | With professional content marketing you strengthen your brand, attract new visitors and fans and stand out from your competition. But pay attention to important aspects of your content marketing strategy 2020 so that it is successful and sustainable. The most important points: clear target definition, professionalism and expertise, optimization of existing content and measurability. Below are more tips and explanations from our content experts…

Content marketing, social media and blogs are just something for hip marketing agencies and fresh startups? Unfortunately, many conservative or established companies who believe that they cannot be found online still believe this, so that they can still call themselves market leaders in a few years.

Most companies can still learn a lot when it comes to effective content marketing. A look at the USA often shows how content marketing can be used as a targeted marketing machine and how it can win new leads for the company, such as the major success of the bet365 casino bonus code that has drawn thousands of players to the company. Ideas and efficient marketing strategies surrounding them are a guarantee for success in 2020.

You don’t want to oversleep content marketing trends, but want to be up-to-date, digitally visible and a popular brand instead of a boring company? A good decision where we don’t leave you alone. We give you five helpful tips for your upcoming content marketing strategy.

Tip # 1: Define your goals more precisely

Blind action and the all-too-popular “just go blogging” are often seen mistakes that are made in the area of corporate blogging and content marketing. So before you set up an editorial plan and start posting, you should define your goals.

  • Possible goals of a content marketing strategy can be:
  • Increase company awareness
  • Customer acquisition
  • Retaining existing customers
  • Direct increase in sales / sales
  • Recruiting

Depending on the goals you are pursuing, a corresponding strategy is created. Without a clear definition, there is no clear concept and therefore no measurable results.

Tip # 2: Share knowledge, not just entertainment

A current content marketing trend study 2019 shows that knowledge transfer is the focus of successful content strategies. Posting entertainment in the form of pictures, brief information or videos can be important and successful and takes place primarily via social media channels.

Knowledge transfer, on the other hand, ideally works via high-quality blogs. Here you have the opportunity to position yourself as experts in your industry. Those who impart knowledge enjoy trust, win fans and thus new customers.

In addition, helpful blog posts are a boost for your SEO . This means that you gain visibility in the long term and thus strengthen your company awareness.

Tip # 3: Outsource your content marketing

48% of all companies are already outsourcing their content marketing activities. 36% have brought a content specialist on board in the past 12 months. So the trend is to outsource content marketing. And rightly so . Today, it is no longer enough to delegate content, blogging, social media, etc. to the interns or working students. Marketing is an expert thing, not an intern thing. In the age of predictive analytics, marketing no longer means simply randomly irradiating people with advertising. It is about predicting which potential customers might have which need to provide targeted content.

Tip # 4: Update old content

The latest study by Zazzle Media from 2019 , in which thousands of SEO marketers were interviewed, states that after creating new content, optimizing existing content is the most effective SEO measure.

Google loves fresh content . Therefore, pay attention to your old posts, refresh them and add current information to optimize existing content and improve your positioning in search engines. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel and completely refurbish the existing content. But are there any more up-to-date figures on a topic, have new studies been published or have certain views changed? In this case, you should make adjustments and show both the user and the search engine: We are up-to-date.

Tip # 5: Measure success

Only what can be measured can also be optimized. Search engine optimization and content marketing should therefore always be made measurable and comparable in order to identify promising content measures, use the full SEO potential and ensure that content marketing becomes scalable.


The demands of users have changed. Only good content is no longer sufficient today – content preparation also plays an important role in satisfying the user and harvesting positive user signals.

Good content design means that your content can be consumed easily and comfortably. Small fonts, few graphics or huge paragraphs are typical mistakes in terms of content design and cost valuable user signals.

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