The Importance of SEO Reporting for Business

SEO Agency SEO Company seo reporting server | The Importance of SEO Reporting for Business | It goes without saying that a 2020 business needs SEO services in order to thrive and prosper. However, simply applying your SEO practices without any feedback could have dubious effectiveness. For instance, if you’re missing your target audience, you’re merely wasting your money and missing the point entirely. This is why you need adequate SEO reporting. Still, what is SEO reporting, how does it work and why is it so pivotal to your brand’s survival and prosperity? And also, you can create perfect SEO Reports for your clients. Let’s find out!

  • What is SEO reporting?

The first thing we have to cover is the very definition of SEO reporting. Simply put, it is a set of analytics that is used to figure out the impact that your SEO methods have on your business as a whole. Most commonly, this method is used during an SEO audit. Now, the very term audit often gets tied to something lengthy and complex but with the modern tools and platforms, you can do a basic SEO audit of any website in as little as 15 minutes. Sure, a tad more detailed audit should be performed every now and then but even this shortened version can be quite useful, seeing as how you can easily repeat it on a weekly basis.

  • Why does it matter?

These reports are incredibly valuable seeing as how your SEO efforts are always something that you’re investing in (either labor or resources but most often both). By having these reports, you can see whether your efforts are yielding necessary results and whether you’re getting your money’s worth. Keep in mind that as your digital footprint grows, your goals will shift. For instance, it’s unrealistic that you have the same goals for your website during the first week and one year after its launch. In order to adjust your goals, you need to receive regular reports.

  • Is the format important?

One other thing that we simply have to address is the format of your report itself. You see, without proper SEO reporting software, you would have to compile this report yourself. With this kind of software, you can simply outsource this function, as well as uniform your reports. What this gets you is a more reliable resource for any analysis. The uniformity is also quite helpful when it comes to comparing your current state to some of the previous reports.

  • How does it reflect on sales?

The next question to ask is how your SEO reflects on your sales. You see, it’s not just about the traffic. What your SEO is mostly interested in is positioning your brand within a certain industry with the use of adequate unique keywords and similar methods. This way, your SEO efforts will ensure that you receive a lot of qualified leads, which are most likely to become paying customers. As you can see, it’s not just about the traffic, it’s about attracting specific traffic that makes all the difference. For this to work, nonetheless, you need to properly understand some of the most relevant SEO metrics.

  • Which metrics are the most relevant?

Before we start, you need to understand that not all metrics are equally as important. Sure, traffic is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to SEO, however, it’s just one of the items on the list. SEO rank and domain authority are equally as important but since they’re so closely tied to the traffic, they rarely receive the attention that they deserve. Other than this, you have the standard metrics like shares, reach and engagement, all of which play their part in the larger scheme of things.

  • How does it help you become proactive?

The most important thing about your SEO reports lies in the fact that they can help you discover upcoming trends in their infancy in order for you to be proactive instead of reactive. This way, you can adjust in time and get ahead of your competition. Remember, your SEO rank is not there for good. Your competitors will constantly try to overcome you and the search engine algorithm will keep changing. The only way to stay ahead of the curve is to learn how to be proactive.

Keep in mind that while reporting is incredibly important, it may take a while for the effect of your SEO methods to give results. This is why looking for reports too frequently and losing hope just because you’re not growing as fast as you believed you should be growing can be quite counterproductive. In other words, you need to learn how to set your expectations before anything else.


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