6 Reasons Why You Should Never Run Out of Alcohol

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Run Out of Alcohol

Negosentro | 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Run Out of Alcohol  | Alcohol has been enjoyed by humans since the first caveman accidentally ate a fermented grape and caught a nice buzz. There is something deeply comforting about a nice glass of wine with dinner, a cold beer during the football game, or a glass of neat scotch before bed. In these hectic times, it is imperative that you keep your fridge stocked, and your wine cabinet full. 

Here are 6 reasons why you should never run out of alcohol. 


This has been a year unlike any other, with a massive global pandemic, an election, a roller coaster of an economy, and social tensions coming to the surface. It has been a year of turmoil and confusion. Can you imagine if we didn’t have alcohol to help us through it?  

Yes, the year is almost over, but based on how it has gone so far, there is definitely still time for things to go sideways. So make sure you have enough alcohol at all times to help you get through whatever the next world halting event is. If your stick is getting less, you can opt for online alcohol delivery from reputed sites.

Alcohol delivery services 

At this point in history, it is actually a character flaw to have run out of alcohol. It’s almost rude. We literally have services in our country that will come to your house and drop alcohol on your doorstep.  

To not maintain a consistent selection of alcohol despite this is spitting in the face of all the progress we’ve made on the alcohol delivery front. 

It is just a bad look 

When you have friends over, the polite/social thing to do is offer them a drink. If you offer them a drink, and return with a glass of orange juice, it will create an awkward environment. Your friend will feel uncomfortable, you’ll feel uncomfortable, and this situation is entirely avoidable.  

Be a grown-up, have some drinks around the house. 

Wine can increase your longevity 

Everyone wants to live a long happy life, and there is a surprising amount of research that says moderate wine drinkers live longer than people who don’t drink wine.  

Everything in moderation of course, but if drinking wine can make you live longer, it seems a little dangerous to run out of it. Always keep wine around, or lose your shot at immortality. 

It’s football season 

While basketball, hockey, and baseball have all recently come to an end, we still have months of football remaining. Both college and NFL are in full swing right now, and to watch a football game without a beer is blasphemy of the highest order.  

It is a scientific fact that beer increases enjoyment of the game by 100%, and also makes the team you cheer for way more likely to win. 

Confined with family 

We all love our families. They are amazing, and important. But COVID has made it so we spend perhaps more time with our families than we would want. It can be draining, it can be exhausting, and without alcohol, it can be a little much.  

But with a nice scotch, the world seems a lot rosier. In these confined times, it certainly helps to have a steady supply of beverages. 

These are just 6 of the many reasons why you never run out of alcohol. Alcohol is a staple, and a constant supply is a must to maintaining a respectful household. While of course it is important to drink in relative moderation, it is still imperative that you keep your alcohol closet stashed, your fridge full of beer, and your wine cellar stuffed to the brim. 

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