Things to keep in mind when booking a wedding banquet hall

banquet hall | Things to keep in mind when booking a wedding banquet hall | When it comes to figuring out the details and planning of a wedding, the aspect that takes precedence is the wedding banquet hall. With an endless list of wedding venues, the process of finding a perfect wedding banquet that suits your needs and requirements can be daunting, especially if you are new to the area. 

banquet hall

Deciding on a banquet hall is so much more than just finding a match for your capacity and location requirements. The arrangements and theme will be different from Florida beach wedding. There are numerous factors that have to be thought of if you want to find the ultimate wedding banquet hall that’s suitable for you and your wedding guests. To make this process easier and help you plan your wedding, we have put together a few factors to be mindful of whilst finalising a wedding banquet hall:


The vital component of any celebration is the budget – the wedding’s scale depends on how much you’d like to splurge for each aspect or event. Hence, it is essential to set a fixed value with a considerable leeway for the venue out of your total wedding budget. This would help you save time by filtering out venues because the rent of banquet halls can range from a five digit to a six digit figure or more depending on the services offered. 

Wedding Season:

The rents of banquet halls sky rockets during the wedding season. The cost is almost always premium during weekends due to the increased demand than a weekday. If you are planning to get married during the wedding season, it is bound to increase the total wedding costs. New age couples are open to the idea of marrying in the off season during which they can snag impressive deals and splurge on other aspects. 

Number of Guests:

Depending on how magnificent or intimate you want your wedding to be, create a list of your potential wedding guests. This count will help you in finalising your wedding banquet hall. Not all banquets can host a large gathering or be ideal for a low key wedding celebration. The guest list will also be useful for taking the figuring out rest of the wedding planning decisions like the number of catering requirements, invitations to be printed, party favours, and so on. It is important to remember that the cost of banquet halls vary according to the number of guests. 

Hall Location:

Another crucial factor in finalising the venue is the location – consider if the banquet hall is easily accessible and its proximity to the accommodation of your choice. You have to think about this factor for your sake and the convenience of your wedding guests. A wedding venue in the heart of a city is going to be easily accessible but expensive. A hall in the outskirts or a remote location can be cheaper but difficult to get to. 

There are endless factors that one has to consider whilst planning a wedding. The wedding venue is one of the most vital aspects of the entire wedding festivities. So it is essential to plan in advance and book the banquet hall that is perfect for your special day.

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