Why canned wine is better than bottles

canned wine
Image Source: https://www.marketwatchmag.com/canned-wine-comes-into-its-own/

Negosentro.comWhy canned wine is better than bottles | Canned wines are becoming a big choice for people that like to drink wine.  It turns out that canned wine chills faster than bottled wine.  Did you ever buy a bottle of wine that is warm, you get home, and want to have a glass of wine?  Then you need to put ice in the glass to drink it cold which waters it down and doesn’t taste the way it’s supposed to be. Well, the canned wine is for you. The best choice is to make wine at home by yourself. For this, you can try joining some wine classes to learn the craft.

Canned wine is also cheaper than the bottled wine. For the recycling purpose, the can takes up less space because you can crush it and the bottle you can’t.  Cans are also better if you are going to a picnic or someone’s house for a party then you don’t have to worry about broken glass and it is safer.  Imagine being at a pool at someone’s house and you bring a bottle and drop it on the cement.  Anyone walking around with bare feet will step on it and cut their foot. This can be a disaster that you don’t want to create.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Bottles of cans take up less space and more can be stored on the shelves than the bottles of wine.  The cans have pretty color labels that some people like and are drawn to that.  They also take up less space in your refrigerator than bottles.   It’s really a preference among wine drinkers.  The bottles are fancy, and cans are practical.   From the view of the delivery truck they are using less fuel or gas delivering cans.  More can fit in the truck and is more economical.  Wine in the cans is cheaper than the bottles and some people might think the can has less quality.  That is untrue.  Whether the wine is in a can or bottle it has the same quality.

Another reason canned wine is better than bottles is that it doesn’t go to waste.  When you open a bottle of wine you usually have some left over.  Then you have to store it in the refrigerator taking up too much space.  When a can is opened you tend to finish it because it is smaller and has less wine in it.  Then you don’t have to worry about storing an open can.  Cans are also easier to carry than the bottles.  They are not bulky and less likely to be dropped.  Cans are about 8 oz and bottles are approximately 1 liter. In the real world of mathematical terms, a case of canned wine is 24 cans compared to 8 bottles of wine.  Which would you choose?  The canned wine is only 160 calories and 3 carbs.  Seems like the canned wine is better in those terms.   Canned wines can be sugarless too which is a plus for someone watching their weight.   Another good point is when you buy canned wine you can have more choices of flavors for less money but in bottles you don’t.

The canned wine seems to be more of a girl’s drink.  They like the variety of flavors and packaging.  If they are having a party, girl’s night out or a shower they can spread the cans out in all the different colors to look pretty. They can also use them as door prizes if they want to do a bingo night.  They can put them in baskets with crackers and cheese.  Makes for more fun and it’s something different.  Differences are always good.  Doing the same scenario can get boring so everyone needs a change.  Try the canned wine for a change and see how much you like it.  You might be surprised how great tasting canned rose actually is to the taste buds and pallet, especially with a fine meal.  


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