6 Killer Ways PR Can Benefit Your SEO

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Negosentro.com | 6 Killer Ways PR Can Benefit Your SEOPR is a beneficial commodity to any brand and through the use of media and social media, businesses can utilise it to build and enhance reputations.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is essential to help heighten that reputation and expand your reputation and website’s ranking within Google. This will then drive more traffic to your site, alongside increasing the quality of your traffic and making you visible to your target market and create lead generation.

SEO is not instantaneous so you can not expect results overnight but by following the 6 below tips on how PR can benefit your SEO by Spink, you and your business can take the first steps to advance your visibility in search engines by boosting your website’s rank.

  • Top Tier Backlinks

Getting backlinks from websites is one of the best ways to increase your search engine rank. However, keep in mind it is quality and not quantity that makes a difference. You may gain numerous links from low-quality websites but this is no longer effective.

Instead, aim to achieve high-quality editorial backlinks, this will boost your ranking for targeted keywords, this is one of the best ways to increase your website’s ranking.

  • Brand Association

No matter what your business provides, brand association is key. If you manage to gain highly-visible media placements then the public will begin to associate your brand with your product or service.

This will then lead to search habits changing from users as they associate your brand and therefore include your brand within their search. Google will then also associate you in the same way which will have a positive impact on your site’s ranking.

  • 3rd Party SEO

It isn’t always possible to rank for highly competitive keywords for your company’s site, especially if you are new to the world of SEO and content marketing. You can certainly still attempt to do so but you may find it takes a while to do so.

Utilise PR to get guest posts placed on highly authoritative websites that focus on a specific related topic instead. This website will have a higher chance of ranking and will, therefore, bring more traffic to your site.

  • Emerging Keywords

With the use of PR, you can ‘create’ your own keywords when generating awareness to the public of your new service or product. 

Your new product can create new terminology and by spreading awareness with PR of this new vocabulary this new term will already be associated with your brand and will be included in users’ searching. Google will naturally rank you highly as no other websites rank for it.

  • Previous PR Reclamation

A quick and easy way to utilise SEO is to Google search your brand and find websites that have previously mentioned your brand. Contact these pages and ask them to link back to a relevant page on your website.

  • SEO Social Proof

Produce high-quality content on your own website that readers will take the time to read and find beneficial. Swell time plays a vital role in SEO. Use keywords and phrases you are looking to rank for.

If you have managed to place in key publications, place their logos on your website. This gives visitors the image you have a higher authority and can maintain their engagement for longer and therefore give Google a positive user signal.


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