Pokemon Go Tips on How to be Stronger

Pokemon Go Tips

Negosentro | Pokemon Go Tips on How to be Stronger | Developed by Niantic, Pokemon Go is an awesome game that lets its players roam around using their mobile phones to capture wild pokemon. Although the game might sound the same as other Pokemon titles, Pokemon Go uses a smartphone’s feature to make the game more exciting. 

For instance, when you turn on the VR mode in the game, the game uses the camera to find wild Pokemon around you. Another feature that makes Pokemon Go exciting is that there are certain Pokemon that live in specific areas. This feature makes traveling essential when you want to seek out more powerful Pokemon partners.

Although there’s a lot of features that separate Pokemon Go from titles such as Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Sword, and Shield, etc., there are similarities that also fit well with the game. As with every title, Pokemon battles are also present in Pokemon Go. Battles are the reason why you should get reliable partners in the first place.

The battles in Pokemon Go are also fun as “Gym Leaders” are real-life people who also play the game. In fact, you can also be a gym leader if you manage to defeat the current leader and drain a gym of its prestige. Truly a game for the ages, Pokemon Go has no shortage of fun. However, one should always remember that being strong in Pokemon Go is a must. So how do you get strong? Here are some tips to remember:

Don’t Rely On A Single Type

Sure, you have a lineup of strong fire-type Pokemon, but what happens if you encounter a gym leader who has water-type pokemon? You’ll surely have a hard time beating that leader, let alone win a match with your current lineup.

As with any other Pokemon game, it’s always good to diversify your lineup. Mix in Pokemon of different types and make sure to train as many types as you can. Having a wide selection of who to use for a match is very advantageous on your part. Here’s a comprehensive list on what Pokemon-types you can have in your lineup:

Legend: (-) weak against, (+) strong against

Normal: All around, – Rock, Ghost, and Steel. 

Grass: – Flying, Bug, Grass, and Dragon. + Water, Ground, and  Rock.

Water: – Grass and Dragon. + Fire, Ground, and Rock.

Dragon: + Dragon, – Steel and Fairy.

Fire: + Bug, Grass, Ice, and Steel. – Dragon, Fire, Water, and Rock.

Ground: – Bug, Grass and Flying. + Steel, Poison, Rock, Electric, and Fire.

Fairy: + Fighting, Dragon, and Dark. – Fire, Poison, and Steel.

Rock: – Steel, Ground, and Fighting. + Fire, Ice, Flying, and Bug.

Poison: + Fairy and Grass. -Ghost, Steel, Poison, Ground, and Rock.

Bug: + Grass, Dark, and Psychic. – Flying, Fairy, Poison, Ghost, Fighting, Steel, and Fire.

Fighting: – Flying, Bug, Poison, Ghost, Fairy, and Psychic. + Normal, Dark, Rock, Steel, and Ice. 

Ghost: – Normal and Dark. + Psychic.

Steel: + Ice, Rock, and Fairy. – Water, Fire, Electric, and Steel.

Dark: + Ghost and Psychic. – Dark, Fighting, and Fairy.

Ice: + Flying, Ground, Grass, and Dragon. – Steel, Fire, Water, and Ice.

Electric: + Water and Flying. – Dragon, Electric, Ground, and Grass.

Flying: + Bug, Grass, and Fighting. – Steel, Rock, and Electric.

Psychic: + Fighting and Poison. – Steel, Psychic, and Dark.

As you can see, having two powerful Charizards can be a great thing to have. But when it comes to battles, those Charizards stand no chance against a Blastoise and a Golem. Try to diversify your lineup, so you have a better chance at winning your battles.

Don’t Use AR Mode

As fun as it is, the AR mode can drain your smartphone’s battery real quick. Most Pokemon Go veterans suggest that turning the AR mode off can improve your battery life. By improving battery life, you can do so many more tasks rather than capturing Pokemon. For instance, you can train your Pokemon more, and you can also hatch your eggs.


Running around is an excellent way to play Pokemon Go. For one, running can help you hatch eggs. Eggs are essential if you want to have strong Pokemon partners in the game. In fact, you don’t even have to run when it comes to being good at Pokemon Go. You can walk and cover the distance, as stated on the egg. You don’t only end up stronger in Pokemon Go, you’re also being healthy in real life.


Another excellent factor that can help you discover stronger Pokemon is by exploring real-world locations. Pokemon are varied by location; this means that you might get a Caterpie here, while you can get a Weedle in the next town. Don’t let the game distract you about real-life hazards such as ongoing traffic. Always heed traffic and safety laws for your safety and those around you.

If All Else Fails…

If all else fails, then cheat! There are lots of Pokemon Go cheats online that can help you level up or even get you rare pokemon partners.  You even have the option to buy Pokemon Go account. Although there’s no excuse for being a cheater, cheating actually does make sense, especially if you’re limited, location wise on finding pokemon partners. Do be careful, though! Don’t cheat too much as you’ll get banned by Niantic!


Pokemon Go is a great game to play, especially if you’re keen on exploration and finding Pokemon. As with every Pokemon game, Pokemon Go also features Pokemon battles. The tips above will help you become a strong trainer.

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