6 Common Hacking Techniques You Should Know Of

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Anthony Bradley, Negosentro |  Hackers are using complicated techniques to get into our personal lives and they are doing it without using a text messages spying app. If you are concerned about your privacy, you must first be aware of the kind of techniques hackers use to snoop into our lives. Although these techniques are the same, but they have become sophisticated over time. Let’s have a look at six common hacking techniques:


  • Bait and switch


With this hacking technique, the attacker buys advertising space on websites and creates ads. When a user clicks on the ad created by the hacker, he gets directed to a page that is infected with malware. The malware is then automatically downloaded on the user’s computer and the attack is unleashed.


  • Clickjacking attack


It is also known by the name UI redress. In attack, the hacker hides the actual User Interface that the victim is supposed to click. This kind of behavior is common in app downloads, torrent sites and movie streaming websites. Mostly, this technique is used to earn money from the ads but some hackers use it for stealing personal information too. The hacker hijacks the clicks of the victim that are not meant for the particular page but for the page where the hacker wants you to be. The user is tricked to perform a desired action by clicking the hidden link.


  • Eavesdropping attacks


These are basically passive attacks in which the hacker simply monitors the computer or network of its target to gain some information just like a text message spying app that is used for reading text messages remotely. This type of eavesdropping is not meant to harm the system, but to get the desired information without being identified. Hackers use such attacks to target the email, web browsing, phone calls and IM services of their target.


  • Phishing


It is one of the most common hacking techniques used by attackers and you must already be aware of it. The hacker replicates your most accessed websites and traps you by spending a spoofed link. By using social engineering, the attackers exploit you through this attack. This is what happens. When the victim tries logging in or entering some data, his private information is hacked using a Trojan on a fake site.


  • Keylogger


Keylogger is a software that records a sequence of strokes on the keyboard into a log life on the machine. these logs files can also contain the personal emails ID and password of the user. This method is also known as keyboard capturing. Some text messages spying apps also have keylogger to record the keyboard strokes entered in the phone. It is because of keylogger that most online banking sites now give the option of using virtual keyboards as you will just be making clicks on your computer.


  • Denial of Service (DOS) attack


This is the hacking technique used to take a website or server down by flooding them with a lot of traffic. Because of that, the server or website is unable to process the requests in real-time and hence they crash down. With the DOS attacks, hackers deploy botnets or zombie computer that only work to flood the system of the user with request packets.

In case you are wondering if text messages spying app are used by attackers then the answer is no. Since these apps must be manually installed on the target user’s device, hackers don’t use them. They use sophisticated techniques like mentioned above to steal the information they are looking for.

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