How Marketing on the Right Opportunities can Grow your Business


Helen Cartwright, Negosentro |  Businesses need to be more creative and innovative than ever in the modern world. The business scene is more competitive than it’s ever been. Brand new businesses are popping up with great regularity. If you take a quick look at your neighborhood and city, you’ll notice more and more all of the time. The Internet can help you see how many businesses there are out there as well. Businesses that want to be able to compete and possibly even get ahead of the rest have to be resourceful and smart. That’s why they should always be on the lookout for potential marketing opportunities. Staying on top of possible marketing openings can help your business get an edge. It can help you move ahead and stand out in your industry, too. Nothing matters more than your business standing out and making a positive impression on existing and future customers and clients.

Make the Most Out of Holidays and Special Occasions

Savvy businesses make the most out of holidays and special occasions when they put together their marketing approaches. If you want to promote your brand new business, you need to give the members of your target audience an incentive to pay attention to you. How can you expect them to pay attention to your available products and services if they simply have no reason? People are often creatures of habit. They often want to stick with the tried and tested. That’s why business owners often have challenges ahead of them. Their big challenges revolve around getting people to give them their attention when it’s quite simply unnecessary.

Holidays pop up numerous times a year. They make great marketing opportunities for businesses of all kinds as well. If you run a bakery, you should think about putting together a Halloween sale for doughnuts and assorted pastries. You should even think about handing out coupons for certain Halloween-oriented pieces. A jelly doughnut that looks just like a pumpkin can help your business get attention from others. It can even be a good idea to make Halloween-oriented doughnuts and pastries that feature elements of famed candies. Think about topping a classic glazed doughnut with a few tiny peanut butter cups. That’s a potential recipe for Halloween marketing glory. You don’t have to limit your holiday business discounts to Halloween, either. Easter, Valentine’s Day and Christmas can all make fantastic “excuses” to offer customers discounts and coupons. Holiday marketing can work well for all kinds of dining establishments. It can work well for hotels, resorts, exciting cruise ships and even laundromats. If you want to promote your laundromat around Valentine’s Day, you can talk about how people can surprise their significant others by taking their favorite clothing pieces in for dry cleaning. Talk about how it’s the simple and little gestures that are always the most romantic. Talk about how people should bring their favorite clothing items in prior to going on intimate Valentine’s Day dates with the ones they love the most in the world. A good discount can give people a reason to visit your laundromat and give your business.

Focus on Competing Businesses Nearby

Businesses sometimes frown upon the idea of competing businesses popping up nearby. They naturally fear that these brand new businesses will take their existing customers away. This fear isn’t an unfounded one, either. If you have concerns about a new business in your field “stealing” your customer base, you can turn lemons into lemonade. Make the emergence of a new business a marketing opportunity that can actually help your establishment. If you run a clothing boutique that specializes in vintage pieces, you don’t have to frown if a similar shop opens up a couple of blocks away. You can take full advantage of the situation by organizing a big sale. Think about giving people coupons for steep savings as well. Be sure to promote your sale or coupons on the Internet. Make sure to post about it on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If people don’t know about your sale or discount, they can’t try it out.

Use the Weather to Market and Expand Your Business

It’s critical to be a resourceful business owner. The finest and most capable business owners are the ones who are able to skillfully identify effective marketing openings. If your area is going through a lasting dry and hot spell, you can market your local eatery by talking about all of the refreshing and delicious beverages you have that can help quench peoples’ thirst. Perhaps discuss your delectable iced coffees and fresh-squeezed orange juices. You can even talk about amazing frozen desserts you have available.

Cold weather spells can be just as unpleasant to people. If you run a department store that has a vast and high-quality selection of jackets, coats, sweaters, sweatshirts and thermals, you can put together a sale or deal for winter items exclusively. If you have a coffee shop located in the middle of town, you can offer coupons that people can use to purchase cozy and tasty caffeinated beverages of their choice.

Concentrate on Current Events

Smart business owners often look to celebrities to help market their businesses. If you notice a famous film star or pop singer who is always wearing a clothing item that’s available for sale in your fashion boutique, highlight that. Make sure your prices for that specific item are budget-friendly as well. You can even think about giving people coupons for that exact piece alone. Give people a reason to think about your business in the first place. Give them a reason to remember it forever, too. The best marketers are the ones who are able to appeal to peoples’ hopes and dreams. If you know how to recognize outstanding marketing opportunities, you should be able to expand your business without a problem. It’s crucial to be detail-oriented. It’s crucial to concentrate on your surroundings at all times, too. You just never know when pure inspiration will strike.

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