How To Know If Your Business Phone Has A Virus That Needs Fixing


Rhett McGuinness, Negosentro |  You’ll never know when malware attacks your phone. Remember, your smartphone isn’t just a device that is commonly kept in your pocket. It’s considered as a computer which is more potent than the usual ones. But what happens when this device has been infected with a virus? Well, no one knows until you notice some signs that you should watch out for. Practically speaking, mobile malware is considered as a vulnerability in the device’s security system which is exploited to steal private information from the user. So here’s how to tell if your business phone has a virus that needs fixing.

Key Signs Your Phone Is Infected

Even if you take some preventive steps, your business phone can still be infected with malware. Below are some signs that you should be wary of:

  1. Abnormal data usage: When there’s depletion of your phone’s data, it can be a sign that it has a virus that needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. Your data usage is affected by the virus when it tries to run plenty of background tasks. Also, the malware can also cost you money especially if you don’t have an unlimited data plan.
  2. Pop-ups: Seeing pop-ups now and then can be an indication that your device has been infected by malware. These pop-up ads usually occur for suspicious products and services. But what’s important is you shouldn’t click the link to prevent the virus from ruining your device.
  3. Quick battery drain: A virus interference can cause poor battery life as it can leave the whole phone thoroughly exhausted. When your battery runs out quickly for no good reason, it’s about time to have your phone checked for possible malware.
  4. Unwanted new applications: You may wonder when new apps appear on your device without downloading them. You don’t know, but a malicious app is the one causing the unexpected download of apps onto your device.
  5. Crashing apps: When your apps keep on crashing, that’s a strange thing that can happen to your business phone. When this occurs regularly, the virus meddles with your device’s operating system that causes your favorite applications to crash without accurate explanation.
  6. Sending of spam texts: When your contacts receive spam text messages out of nowhere, it may indicate that your phone is infected by a virus. It’s essential to keep in mind that malware can use your phone to send strange messages to your contacts.

Ways To Protect Your Phone from Virus

Mobile malware can also be avoided by following some safety precautions. Here’s how to protect your business phone from a virus:

  1. Download verified apps from legitimate sources – Official sources can be Google Play Store or the App Store. Also, don’t download an app quickly. Make sure to read the reviews before you click the download button.
  2. Be cautious about the permissions the app is asking – Be careful about installing a new app on your device. Be sure to read and check the permissions the app is requesting you before the installation. There are instances when some apps contain malicious code which can access your personal information.
  3. Don’t forget to install anti-virus software – It’s best if you have anti-virus software installed on your business phone. That way, you can scan your device to keep it protected from mobile malware.

With adequate knowledge and preventive protection, your device will always be protected as long as you follow the tips mentioned in this article earlier. Since smartphones have become the most targeted device by cybercriminals, thinking about your protection first will be the right thing to do. If you feel your business phone has been infected by malware, feel free to get in touch with an experienced mobile phone repair specialist like Buzz Tech that can help you fix your device professionally.

Rhett is the owner of BuzzTech. A leading specialist of phone and tablet repairs in Victoria. With 3 stores and more on the way, the team at Buzztech offers on the spot repairs in 5-15 minutes. With their HQ in Geelong Victoria, Rhett is opening more stores all around Regional Victoria and is dedicated to delivering the best repair service in his industry.

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