5 Useful Tips Related to Your 4×4 Service


Denz Fiero, Negosentro | With the presence of 4×4 or 4WD (4-wheel drive), it has turn out to be possible to drive your vehicle through uneven and treacherous terrains. If you don’t want to take the usual route or road, all you need to do is test the power of your SUV. Undoubtedly, SUVs are equipped with powerful engine, which can offer you lots of possibilities. Most of the 4×4 vehicles are diesel powered, and the engines that rely on diesel require good amount of maintenance.

If you take care of your diesel powered 4WD vehicle, it can serve you for many years. Timely servicing of the engine and other vital components of your 4WD is highly essential. In order to make you more informed in this regard, let us provide you some tips related to 4×4 service. Follow the tips mentioned below and keep your 4WD in top shape.

How to take care of your 4×4?

  • Oil changes: Oil for your engine is like the blood that flows through the veins in our body. If the oil gets too much polluted, it will definitely affect the performance of the engine. Unlike the sedans and hatchbacks, the engine of any 4WD vehicles has to withstand a lot of stress, mainly because of the off road driving culture. So, you must adhere to the rules mentioned in the owner’s manual and replace the oil on timely basis.
  • Balanced tires: In case of 4-wheel drives, it is vital to make sure that all the four wheels are properly balanced. The size of all the tires has to be the same. In case you drive your 4WD mostly off road, it is possible that excessive wear and tear can take a toll on the physical condition of tires. The amount of wear and tear in the front and rear tires might differ. This is the reason why the tires must be rotated from time to time. In order to maintain even distribution of weight, tires need to be balanced properly. Doing so will also protect the suspension from excessive stress.  
  • Maintain alignment: When the tires of a 4WD remain misaligned, the chances of excessive tire wear increase. Apart from excessive wear, misalignment also leads to poor handling as well as decreased mileage of the vehicle. So, in case you feel the steering of your 4×4 is getting pulled towards one direction, it means the wheels need alignment.
  • Check the level of fluids: Apart from the engine oil, there are many more fluids used in the four wheelers. Checking the condition of the fluids is very important, if you are planning to go on a long road trip. The fluids you need to check are engine coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and many more. Keeping the fluids in good condition really helps in improving the performance of your 4×4.
  • Replace air filter: 4×4 vehicles are not just meant for city roads or highways, but rough terrain also. When you drive your 4WD through such terrain, the amount of dust and dirt particles in the surroundings remains very high. Hence, a lot of dirt and dust particles get stuck in the air filter of your vehicle, which in turn blocks the pores. Once the pores get blocked, the engine does not receive sufficient amount of air, which in turn affects the performance of the vehicle. So, at the time of 4×4 service, do not forget to check the condition of the air filter.

So, those were some of the basic points you need to keep in mind in order to maintain the health of your 4WD. In this regard, hiring an experienced and reliable car mechanic is essential.  

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