7 Excellent Water Apps to Try for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Lander Vara, NegosentroWater is essential for the survival of any living organism. A person can survive for weeks without food, but wouldn’t last more than 3 days without water. Water is responsible for transportation of essential nutrients to the body cells as well as carrying waste out of the body.

To be healthy, you need drink water regularly and this is only possible if you have any of these 7 water apps that are designed to help you maintain a consistent water intake routine.


The app is like a tracker that shows you locations, ratings, and pictures of water fountains around the US. Each fountain is given a rating in relation to its coldness, cleanliness, and flavour. Once you sign up and register, you can contribute to the app by adding new fountains, and commenting or rating those you have used. It is available for free on iTunes.

Eight Glasses a Day

This app tries to help its users meet the eight glasses of water a day requirement. However, you can customize the settings and increase the glasses up to 12. On any given day, you will have the selected amount of virtual glasses displayed on your phone’s screen when you open the app.

Every time you drink a real glass of water, you tap on the virtual one and it is emptied. This should proceed until you’ve drank all the glasses. The app goes for $0.99 on iTunes.


Waterlogged enables you to manage your daily water intake by setting scheduled or random reminders. Using the app, you can take pictures of the bottle or glass you drink from, record its water capacity, and save.

After drinking from any of the bottles or glass, you should go to the app and tap on it. At the end of each day you can go back to the app and analyse your progress while making necessary adjustments. You can integrate this app with other health apps.


iDrated is one of the most reliable water apps available. It does almost everything for you. Once you have downloaded it for free, the app will require details about yourself such as age, gender, weight, and exercise routine.

It will then come up with a daily hydration target, and help you keep track by using personalized reminders. In fact, iDrated can even monitor your body’s hydration level at any specific time during the day. There are medals for different levels of hydration that you achieve.

Daily Water

Daily water app has a user-friendly interface that is designed to help users set water drinking goals, and track their consumption. It uses the data entered each day to draw a histogram of daily, weekly, or monthly consumption which can be emailed to family, friends, and the doctor where necessary. It is a simple app that does exactly what it says. It is available free of charge.

Hydro Coach

Hydro Coach is yet another remarkable water app. It calculates the amount of water you need, keeps track of every ounce you take, and reminds you when it is time for your daily dose of water.

Your water consumption requirement is calculated based on factors like age, gender, weight, and lifestyle. You are free to pick from a variety of water glasses and customize the volumes.

Water Time Pro

Water time pro combines simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency. It is a great app that takes less than 5 minutes to set up. The app is created with a hydro calculator which calculates your approximate daily rate consumption. The reminders are effective and useful. Water Time Pro also tracks your consumption of other beverages like coffee and tea.

While using these apps is important, you should also make sure to drink clean water at all times. There are many ways to make water clean before you consume, whether in your home or while camping. This combined with the aforementioned water apps will definitely help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

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