5 Different Types of Self Storage Options Available

self storage
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Jorge Werner, NegosentroSelf storage facilities are provided by different companies which allow individuals to store items at thee storage space, which are in their possession. Home owners, military personnel, school students, small or large businesses can use these facilities to store their personal items and free up their own space.

What are the advantages of self storage?

  • It allows you to free up space in your house.
  • It is a cost saving option as you can simply store your items in the storage space and not worry about moving them across the country if you are moving.
  • Once you move back, your items will be waiting for you at your storage space.
  • Small and large businesses can utilize this storage space to store items such as office furniture, business supplies, cabinets, etc. which might take up unnecessary space at their office.

While there are many different types of self storage options available, here are 5 different types that you can use:

  1. Climate controlled self storage: The storage spaces are temperature as well as humidity controlled. Access to these storage spaces are given only to the authorized personnel, and the entire building is secured well. These types of storage spaces control humidity, temperature, dust and preventt from forming moulds. You can store items such as wine, family heirlooms, clothing, important documents, electronics, collectibles, etc.
  2. Military storage: Often, military families and personnel are required to move their locations very frequently. In these situations, it can become extremely cumbersome to constantly take all of their belongings from one place to another. A temporary storage option can come in handy for short term or long-term situations like these.
  3. Non climate controlled self storage: These storage spaces are less expensive than climate controlled storage, due to the fact that you can store inexpensive items at these storage without fear of humidity or temperature control facilities. Items that you can store at these storage spaces safely are sporting equipment’s, automobiles, outdoor furniture, heavy tools and any item which is not made of wood paper, fabric or sensitive metals. This is because these storage units are not temperature controlled and this might damage your personal items during cool or summer months.
  4. Student storage: This type of storage space is rented out to students who might be moving abroad or home, for a period. Instead of packing up all your items and moving them back and forth with you, you can simply store them in the storage spaces and retrieve them once you are back to home. You can store all types of electronic item, home items, personal items etc., in these storage units to be retrieved whenever you need them again. This type of storage is also extremely affordable and economical.
  5. Business storage: This type of storage option is ideal for businesses of all sizes. Often, it becomes difficult for businesses to store a large volume of items at their place of work. It can take up a lot of unnecessary space as well as time to organize. In these situations, businesses can store all the items valuable to their business at these spaces. These can vary from office furniture, to important documents, equipment as well as inventory. The storage spaces allow the business to free up space in their offices as well as have a place for the sake of keeping their important items. It also allows the businesses to maintain their present location, and not cluttering it up with unnecessary items at the same time.

These are the different options of self storage that one can use. It is a convenient and economical option of storing your important items.

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