Top 4 Major Challenges for the Food and Beverage Industry

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There are a number of unique challenges that the food and beverage industry faces that other industries don’t have to deal with. The primary reason for this is that the food and beverage industry deals with managing perishable products, which comes with a host of issues of its own. For starters, food and beverage business owners need to comply with strict regulations. Secondly, there’s also the ever-looming threat of contamination and recalls.

The four major challenges that the food and beverage industry faces are:

  • Remaining compliant without overspending
  • Implementing regulations and preparations for the possibility of recalls
  • Maintaining consistency in a product even through market changes
  • Being transparent with business practices and accountability for supply chain and operations

Thankfully, there are a number of ERP solutions available now that can help a business manage these challenges. Keep reading to find out more about how the beverage industry addresses ERP challenges and uses ERP cloud-based solutions to do so.

Sage EM Is the Solution You Need

Sage business solutionshave just what you need to help you manage your business in the food and beverage industry. With the right solution you can control costs,meet regulatory obligations, eliminate food waste, and deliver a consistent quality product to your customers.

One option for your business is Sage enterprise management software (or Sage EM), a modern-day business solution that utilizes cloud technology to smoothly handle all your industry needs.

Food and beverage ERP software like Sage EM will help your company achieve optimal growth and success in the food and beverage industry. With Sage EM you can achieve better:

  • Speed – get faster results and insights into your business; streamline processes from procurement to production, warehousing, services, to financial management
  • Simplicity – simplify your processes with Sage EM’s intuitive interface and intelligent automated processes
  • Flexibility – adapt to the ever-changing market and adjust strategies accordingly with flexible configuration options

Sage EM has helped businesses that were experiencing rapid growth but lacked the proper management software to accurately keep track of inventory. With Sage EM they found a complete solution that uses cloud technology and automation to effectively manage their inventory.

Other businesses have experienced issues like data duplication due to the use of more than one software solution that didn’t integrate together properly. Because Sage EM does everything all in one, there’s no need to worry about issues with cross-integration from other programs.

Another benefit to Sage EM is its open architecture and ability to integrate with other software solutions. So even if you’d like to keep existing software around and use it alongside of Sage EM, it will be completely possible.

Hire an ERP Consultant

If you’re unsure about integrating a new ERP system into an existing one then why not hire an ERP consultant? They’ll be able to take care of all the details of integration, from which ERP solution works best for your business, to the actual implementation of the software into your business.

And it doesn’t end there – an ERP consultant can provide your team with the necessary support and training to make sure that your new ERP solution is being used optimally for the best results.

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