4 Simple Maintenance tips to reduce your Truck’s Service Cost

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While buying a commercial truck is a great investment, turns out there’s more to it.

With the huge engines come great responsibilities. Maintenance is what we are talking about.

The high engine capacity. Massive body. Too many parts. Brake fluids. Brake pads. Brake plates. All of it it. Ugh!

It’s enough to get you in a sweat and burn a hole in your pockets at the same time.

But does it always have to be that way? Well, not always. In fact there are ways to cut down on servicing expenses. In this post, we talk about those ways.

Here are 4 simple maintenance tips to reduce your truck’s service costs.

4 Simple Maintenance tips to save $$ on your Truck’s Service

We know how annoying the maintenance expenses can get. A big part of your profits going back into your truck’s spares would obviously hurt.

That’s what made us come up with a few maintenance hacks to cut costs on servicing.

1. Take care of brakes

Whatever vehicle you drive or ride, brakes play a very crucial role. When out on the roads, you’d need to brake your ride a number of times everyday. Be it for traffic or for twists and turns on the road, you’d need to use the brakes.

Now, as modern trucks use air disc brakes, this usage causes wear and tear of disc pads. And that too is fine. It’ll happen at any cost. What actually bugs is the wear and tear of the disc plates.

Let us say your disc pads eroded off a long time ago and you didn’t get them replaced. Now whenever you will apply brakes, the disc plate will be rubbed by the pad holders.

This situation is often known as metal to metal on the brake. It simply results in erosion of the disc plate.

This means that by neglecting the replacement of disc pads, you invited an additional expense. That is of the new disc plates.

So, get your disc pads checked and replaced regularly and save money on disc plates.

2. Keep it lubricated

Just like any other machine your truck has many metal components. Over day-to-day usage open parts like door machinery can get corroded.

Your best bet is to keep these lubricated. It won’t even take much time. Just spend around 30-40 minutes a week.

Start with cleaning up these parts with a dry cloth. Once done with that, use a lubricant.

3. Clean the inside parts regularly

Along with the cleansing and lubrication of open parts, insides of the truck also need care.

Basically, if you fail at keeping the engine housing clean, chances are your vehicle’s performance will deteriorate. This happens due to dust and pollution.

Also, sludge or layers of dust formed around the engine hinder heat transfer. This results in the engine heating up more quickly and staying hot for a longer span.

Ultimately, it’s about keeping your engine clean. If you won’t clean it up regularly, the cost of final maintenance will go up bailing $$ out of your pocket.

4. Paint protection and detailing

Another factor that costs truck owners money is the truck’s paint.

While a truck with worn off paint will perform no less than one with a new finish, owners really value their trucks. Even I remember when I got my first pickup. Wouldn’t let a grain touch its paint.

If you too care for your vehicle and don’t want to have to spend on paint every year, there’s something that you can do.

Get a nano or ceramic coat work done over your vehicle’s metal parts.

Also, make sure that you get your truck washed and polished regularly. It’s really crucial for maintaining paint and its shine.

You can also use a commercial vehicle cleaning service for the same.

Final words

Truck maintenance is something that pulls money out of all the owners’ pockets. Keeping that in mind, we wrote this post to help truck owners save some money. For that, here we shared some simple maintenance tips.

We hope this was helpful to you.

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