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Helpful Tips For Every First Time Car Owner

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Do lots of online research

Online research is important when buying a car. There’s tons of information on the internet when it comes to finding a suitable model. You can even set up tables for comparing different vehicles to find the one that best matches your needs.

Consider your lifestyle as well as your budget when selecting a car. If you love to do a lot of outdoor adventure-type trips then a sports car will certainly not be ideal for your needs. If you have children also think of their needs and which vehicle will be as child-friendly as possible for your precious cargo.

In addition to that, take note of your transportation needs. A retired person may have very different needs to a small family. Also take note of where you live, park, and go regularly. A large car may be very inconvenient if you do a lot of inner city driving which requires you to do frequently park in small spaces.

Maintenance is important

A car should be constantly maintained. Not only does it need a yearly service to keep it running optimally, but you should keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary including strange noises, smells, or leaking fluids.

Attend to a problem as soon as possible as this will often ensure you don’t have to pay higher repair bills later. Keeping your car in good nick now will make it last longer and perform better so don’t put off regular maintenance.

Budget, budget, budget!

Most first-time car owners only think of monthly car expenses as the finance repayments. Truth is yout you will also have to keep in mind regular maintenance costs as well as fuel costs. Try to plan these costs into your monthly and yearly budgets so they don’t catch you by surprise. There may also be other costs involved such as replacing wiper blades, oil, tyres and so on. You don’t want to run the risk of being caught in a bad storm with wiper blades that do not work, or face the danger of a tyre blowout.

Sort out your insurance

Car insurance is important and needs to be taken out from day one. As soon as you drive the car out of the showroom any damages or accidents become your responsibility. No one likes to think about what could happen but it’s better to be prepared than sorry. Look around for a car insurance quote that you feel meets your needs and remember to shop around.

Keep it sparkly clean

It may seem obvious but keeping your car clean can save you in the long run. Paintwork can get damaged from all sorts of dirt and grime that your car is exposed to when out and about.

Waxing is also important. There are three main types of waxes: liquid, paste and spray waxes. Find a wax that is appropriate for the age and needs of your car. Remember to read the instructions carefully and spot test an area to make sure it is okay before starting. The plastic surfaces on the interior of your car need a specialised wax. There are certain products made especially for this purpose.  

Read the owner’s manual

Many people do not read the owner’s manual of their car. It contains valuable information and covers everything there is to know about your car. If there is anything you are unsure about contact the dealership from which you bought the car to see whether they can help or search online to see if others are having similar difficulties.

Ask trusted people

Finally, there’s nothing like first-hand advice. Find out from friends or family if they know anyone ‘car mad’ that can look at the car you intend to buy or help you get to grips with your new car. Enlisting the help of someone that’s familiar with all sorts of cars and has a passion for them will help greatly as they may know some things about the car of which you are not aware. It may be very useful to consult a mechanic to inspect the car before purchasing.

After getting to grips with all these points you’re now ready to enjoy your new car!