Performance vs Style: These 3 Yamaha Aftermarket Parts Have Both

Yamaha Aftermarket Parts

Yamaha bikes are these monstrous dream machines with megatons of power that many competitors have struggled to replicative over the years. They sport an extra level of performance that is almost second to none in the industry.

Moreover, Yamaha bikes have come to be associated with style. The MT-09 is a classic example of balance between a sizzling performance and a move towards excellent styling. However, despite the broad range of products, there is hardly any single ride that attains the peak of performance and styling.

It’s, therefore, no surprise that pro riders still prefer to add one or more custom touches to transform their Yamaha bikes into beautiful beasts.

If you’re looking to modify your Yamaha sports bike or cruiser into a dream machine, here are 3 Yamaha aftermarket parts that won’t disappoint in performance and style.

Aftermarket Brake Rotors

Similar to a car brake rotor, motorcycle brake rotors work to slow or stop the bike while in motion. Clearly, they are a key component of motorcycle safety. However, motorcycle brake rotors are more visible and are thus an integral part of styling.

Exchanging your Yamaha OEM brake rotor with an aftermarket part is one way to go to boost the level of performance of your brakes and also radicalize the outlook of your bike.

Many aftermarket brake rotors feature slotted brake systems that add an extra level of performance to the already powerful Yamaha bikes.

Moreover, the best place to find brake rotors with decorative drillings or custom shapes that will make your ride stand out is the aftermarket.

Aftermarket Exhaust systems

A lot of times, the first alteration a new motorcycle owner adds to his/her ride is a new exhaust. Adding a new exhaust with more free flow space for the exit of gases and fumes reduces the exhaust back pressure and ultimately boosts engine power.

Beyond power, a new set of exhaust pipes gives a new look and feel to any Yamaha motorcycle. A full system of pipes, high-performance headers, muffler packing, slip-on, mid-pipes, spark arrestors and much more will not only change the look but also give your machine a better sound. Say for example, if you own a Yamaha fazer, you can choose from Yamaha fazer modification parts for stunning looking exhaust pipes.

Aftermarket Yamaha Suspensions

In a move to perfect the handling mechanism of your bike, you could either change the tires or get a better suspension.

A good suspension allows your bike to run quicker, safer, and bend corners better. It also serves the basic role of giving comfort to passengers. Even better, a good combination of suspension components adds a daredevil styling to your ride and empowers it to take on various riding conditions.

Ultimately, buying an aftermarket Yamaha suspension is the game-changing tweak that will enhance the comfort, performance, and style of your machine. You can choose from OEM motorcycle parts when needing various Yamaha parts and accessories.

Have a good combination of style and performance by choosing the above mentioned aftermarket parts.