ShowFx World Online: Trading Webinar with Tusvendran Pillai

Tusvendran Pillai - Negosentro

Negosentro | ShowFx World Online: Trading Webinar with Tusvendran Pillai | On December 3 we invite all forex traders to take part in a free educational webinar from the founder of Techtraders Fx Academy – Tusvendran Pillai.

Topic – Trend analysis

Topics covered at the webinar

  • The basics of trend analysis
  • How to spot uptrend and downtrend
  • How to avoid failure signals of trend initiation
  • What are candlestick reversal signals and why they are instrumental for identifying trend change
  • How to build customized trendlines trading strategies
  • Trend following entry systems and their role in a systematic and successful approach to forex trading based on technical analysis

ShowFx World Online

Extra bonuses of participation

Each participant will be granted 70% deposit bonus from the general partner.

Each participant will have a chance to win 1000 USD, 2000 USD trading bonuses or an iPhone at the special quiz held during the webinar.

To register for free participation in the webinar, click here

Note! The number of participants is limited. Book your virtual seat in advance.

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