Keeping Your Employees Safe and Productive

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Terry Gordon, Negosentro |  Let’s face the facts, no organization, regardless how big or small it is can function without people. From the factory worker all the way to the CEO, each employee matters. So in order to run a successful business it is important to keep your employees safe and help them be productive and happy. Don’t forget it is the employees that make a company great.

In this article we will cover several effective ways you can ensure a safe and productive environment for your employees on all levels. So let’s start!

Safety first

There are two main kinds of worker safety, one is their physical safety and the other one concerns their mental health. The first one is easier to secure. For most businesses there are strict rules concerning working conditions. These can include anything from supplying quality ppe gear to making sure that all the machines are maintained and working properly. In order to prevent possible physical workplace injury it would be advisable to keep your workers informed regarding the laws on worker safety, in addition you should also create and implement a workplace safety Injury and Illness Prevention Program. Don’t forget to hold regular safety trainings so that all your employees are familiarized with safety protocols in the company.

When it comes to mental health issues at work, it takes a bit more effort to prevent the issues since they are at times difficult to detect. In order to protect your employees mental health, it is important to have a procedure in place for managing their workplace stress. Having a psychologist in the building is a great way to keep your employees safe. They should also be encouraged to talk about their issues, and ask for workload distribution without the fear of losing their job. This is a very important aspect of workplace mental health. And in order to have a smooth running company, your employees need to feel like their company has got their back.

Increasing the productivity levels

If your employees feel safe and heard their productivity will rise, however these are not the only ways of helping your employees become more productive. There are several factors that have a significant impact on your employee’s productivity.


Yes it is as easy as that, a happy employee is a productive employee. Well this was easy to figure out, but how do we get there. It is important to be aware of what is going on in the company. If your work force consists mainly of people who are there just for the paycheck and they don’t enjoy or take pride in their job, your company’s productivity can suffer. A happy employee that finds satisfaction in what they do and feels empowered and recognised is the one that will be of most benefit to your company.

Gear up

In order for your employees be as productive as you need them to be they have to have access to the right tools. This can mean the right kind of machinery or the right tech tools. For example, if they are using outdated PCs or Macs, it will take them more time to complete even the simplest of tasks you assign to them. On the other hand if you supply state-of-the-art technology but don’t provide the proper training, the productivity levels will drop significantly. At least until your employees learn how to use the new tools on their own.

Downsizing and Outsourcing

In order to save money a lot of corporations opt for downsizing their workforce or outsourcing work to developing countries. This has a significant negative impact on the moral and with it the productivity of the employees. If your employees feel that they can lose their job at any time, the psychological impact of that is substantial. So whenever your company needs to downsize, make sure you have people at hand who will help your remaining employees accept the changes and keep their moral up.

So there you have it, these are the best ways to keep your employees safe and productive. It is important to keep in mind that the company is the one ensuring the working conditions. So if you provide your workers with the right safety gear and proper tools to work with, you will see the increase in productivity in no time. And monitoring worker satisfaction as well as their workplace stress can help battle any mental health issues that might occur and lower the productivity within your company.

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