3 Careers That May Interest You

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3 Careers That May Interest You | The global pandemic has caused more people than ever to rethink their long-term career goals. So if you’re not sure about your current career path, now is a great time to make a change. For three fields you might be interested in, read on.

  1. Real Estate

In a booming market, many people are having great luck in the field of real estate. A simple Google search for “get your real estate license” points them in the direction of courses, a real estate license exam, and even sponsoring brokers. If you’ve ever wondered about getting a real estate license, now might be a good time to contact a local realtor to ask about broker sponsorships. 

As a real estate agent, you’ll be able to make a big difference in people’s lives. The reality is that more people than ever are relocating, working from home, and renovating homes for home office space. Earning a real estate license now is a great way to get in on a growing field. 

In many states, you’ll have to take a real estate course at a real estate school to take your real estate exam and file for your license application. However, this course can often be completed in as little as six weeks. In the meantime, you could be working with a real estate broker in your area to set up open houses and get experience with taking calls for potential buyers and sellers. 

  1. Health and Beauty

In the same way, real estate school is becoming more popular with those looking to change fields, the beauty and health industries are seeing increased interest. If you’ve ever wondered about joining the beauty industry, you probably already know that there are many options in how you can become involved in this field. Whether your goal is to become a nail technician, enroll in an esthetics program, or open your own salon, the best way to start is to look into cosmetology programs near you.

Maybe you live in Chicago and have already done the work of a “beauty programs in Illinois” Google search. Consider taking your research a step further by contacting your community college to find out if they offer a student salon. Especially if you intend to become a beauty industry business owner one day, earning a certificate of completion or degree from a community college will give you an edge in this exciting field. 

  1. Finance

In an industry with many options, the world of finance is excellent for people who are good with numbers. For most finance jobs, you’ll need a college degree. However, you can build a successful career in the fields of bookkeeping, statistics, surveys, consulting, and budgeting by beginning your career in the banking industry. If finance is a field that interests you, consider contacting a local bank and asking if their teller programs cover college tuition. You might be surprised to learn how many financial institutions will sponsor you to work at your own pace in school while you work for them full-time. 

Finance jobs could also include accounting, taxes, insurance actuaries, and more. After earning that finance degree, consider talking to your alumni office about options, too. Like a savvy banker’s spreadsheet, the paths you could take in this exciting field all add up to solid earning potential and bottom-line success. 

In the end, our careers are one way we define ourselves. If you’re currently working in a field you don’t find satisfying, now could be an excellent time to join the great resignation and begin again. Take some time to think about what you’re passionate about, and don’t be afraid to start over again. A few years down the road, you’ll be glad you did! Best of luck in your exciting career ahead. 

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