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Improve Your Site’s SEO | 10 SEO Writing Tips For Making An Impact | It’s no secret that content and SEO are like peas in a pod. Without SEO your content can go lost among thousands of pages online. And first-page ranking won’t be of any use if the content post-click is shoddy. Look at these ten tips for SEO writing that can provide more value from your content as well as advancing your SEO effort simultaneously.

Writing For Your Audience First And Foremost

Many companies often overlook this one. Make sure you write content that is engaging and relevant. The posts don’t all have to be about your services or products, but rather industry related. Make sure your content is informative and captivating, and better than that of the competition.

Keeping It Under One Roof

Keep your original content under your individual domain name. Whenever you have the chance to showcase other original content forms like infographics, videos or whitepapers, embed them onto your own website too and share it from there as well.

Creating Headlines That Are Striking

You only have a small window of text to make an impact. Never underestimate the importance of writing a powerful headline that is interesting, clear and contain a keyword. Meta descriptions must also be interesting and further explain about the topic of your post. 

Using Phrases With Keywords

Include keywords that are relevant in your heading and also throughout your content to let the search engines and users know what the post is in relation with. However, too many keywords can lead to search engine penalties or your audience losing interest. 

Structuring Of Posts

The content of a post can be excellent, however, can still get lost if the post is not organized and structured in an effective format. According to SponsoredLinX, it’s best to break up your content into smaller sections with headings. This makes it easier to read and will help keep users engaged.

Including Imagery

People love visual posts; therefore, ensure you add an image or two with your blog post. Also share on other social media channels like Pinterest or Instagram to attract more traffic to your site.

Using Social Media

Social media is a highly valuable tool for increasing the reach of your content and getting people to share. Poste every new post on social media sites, using engaging call-to-action and descriptions. Make sure you include share buttons on your blog posts.

Implementing Google Authorship

Google authorship is an easy and quick method of tying content to a specific author. All you require is having a Google+ account. Subsequently, your articles will show up as helpful snippets in the search results presenting a photo of the author with the article title. 

Encouraging Natural Link Building

Link building remains an essential part of SEO. Linking to your website or articles in an article is helpful. This ensures a link goes back to your website, particularly if picked up by an alternative site. Creating amazing content can assist with boosting the shareability and can lead to other websites linking to it.

Monitoring Your Activity

You must continuously create fresh content and monitor your efforts. Google analytics is free and can help you keep track of your page views as well as the average time that users spend on your page. Look for bounce rates and the time spent on your site to assess how users engage with your website. Also monitor social interactions (comments, shares, etc.) to see which posts have gone viral. 

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