How to better optimize your social media marketing strategy

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Image: | How to better optimize your social media marketing strategy | As a small business owner, it is perfectly normal to consider your marketing strategy carefully. Marketing – especially social media marketing these days – is extremely important. It is one of the ways for faster business growth, and a way to develop your customer base significantly. Good marketing helps you get more clients, and more clients usually means you are getting a better income. This is why today we look at the ways to better optimize your social media marketing strategy.

First, consider all the elements of social media marketing

Because of just how complicated and multi-layered social media marketing can be, you need to carefully examine each element of it. For example, in the sea of social media platforms, which one (or ones) should you choose to post to? And even when you find your place, how regularly should you post? Also, what should your posts be about? Is there a way to reach a bigger audience?   If you think these questions are difficult for you to answer, you can take the help of a reputed social media agency.

Of course, you can do all of this by better optimizing your social media marketing strategy. This requires you to look into what search engine optimization is. Then, it’s all about thinking about your content marketing – and even shifting into mobile marketing, which is becoming more and more popular recently. Luckily, there are three main elements that you need to examine in order for the best result. These are:

  1. The number of media platforms you should use in your social media marketing strategy.
  2. How often you are going to be posting in order to reach the widest audience.
  3. What elements of social media marketing will you use to your advantage?

How many social media platforms is one too many?

There is an inherent need of all small business owners to try and aim for the biggest push when developing their new social media marketing strategy. This is why you might be tempted to create an account on all platforms available and trying to create as much content as you can. You can also check out a Top SMM Panel to help you in your campaigns.

This, however, is not an optimal strategy. Quite the opposite, actually. By trying to hit as many social medial platforms as possible, you might end up spreading yourself too thin and unable to create enough posts. Even worse, you might find yourself focusing on promoting yourself instead of on your work – which can never be good. 

On the other hand, you shouldn’t only go for one platform and focus all your resources there. You want to reach as many people as possible with your social media marketing strategy. So, optimizing it means finding the right balance between these two sides. You will want to find the right number of platforms, and yet just enough not to spend too much of your time promoting yourself. Luckily, there are various options now that can help you find that balance. You can use nifty tools to automate client management, which will help you free up more of your time – allowing you to use it for self-promotion/managing social media platforms.

After all, people nowadays tend to have accounts on multiple platforms as well, so you might be reaching the same people on some platforms. However, the audience on these platforms can also differ. So, you should pick the one based on your target audience – and this requires you to research them some more.

Some studies have shown that in order for people to truly notice you and pay attention, they should hear about you anyway from 3 to 5 times. When it comes to the actual number of social networks small business owners use, statistics show that the best is 3-4. Smaller numbers use 5 or 6 different networks, and the percentages usually keep decreasing as this number grows.

How often should you post your content?

Once you settle down on the number of social media platforms you want to use, as well as which ones are for you and your audience, it is time to think about how much you should post – and what the best time to do that is. How many posts are required to get people’s attention? Once you do it, how long should you continue so that they don’t forget about you?

You should also think about what you are actually posting. Different platforms might require different things, so considering this and putting it into your social media marketing strategy is always a good idea. Luckily, a lot of platforms today support cross-posting. Once you make a post, you can share it on Instagram, Facebook – even LinkedIn and more!

When it comes to the number of posts, marketing experts recommend you do it once or twice per day. Remember – just because you post more things doesn’t mean people see you more! What’re more, posting too much during the day can lead to a counter-effect! If they start finding you annoying, they might mute you or stop following you altogether! However, once you find the right amount, you can just schedule things up a week in advance, and stop worrying about being constantly online.

You should also consider the best time of day to post. This, of course, depends on your audience – you want to create content that they will be interested in, but they will not see it if they are not online at that moment. People post to social media all the time, and these posts can easily drown out your own news. There are multiple ways to see when your audience is on the platform, though. The first is the hardest, but it will give you the best results. It is trial and error! All you need to do is post at a certain time and see how it goes. If it gets noticed, do it again and again. If not, change up something. There are also many tools you can use for this or look into the industry’s reports on platform usage.

Use various elements of a post to your advantage

Finally, even a single post can vary form others if you use its different elements in a smart way. Understanding these and incorporating them in your social media marketing strategy will optimize it better! For example, there are various formats that you can use. You might want to write a blog post, share images and photos or create a video campaign.

There are also different textual tools that work on different platforms. Twitter brought hashtags into prominence, but now a lot of social media uses it to some extent. There is also targeting your audience and using calls to action, which can sometimes boost up your post just in the right way. Researching these and exploring ways in which you can use them is always a smart idea.

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