Working as a Manager: What You Should And Shouldn’t Care About

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Managers often have a lot on their minds. This can make it difficult, sometimes, to determine what you should and shouldn’t worry about regarding a number of subjects, from employee-related issues to other aspects of keeping a company running. This guide will go over some of the things you should and shouldn’t worry about as a manager.

What You Shouldn’t Care About

It can be easy to get wrapped up in details that, at the end of the day, are not important or don’t allow your employees the freedom they deserve.

Employees Needing To Take Time Off

Now, there is obviously a big difference between an employee who takes time off because they truly need it for their families, a chronic medical condition or other legitimate reason and an employee who abuses the privilege. Of course you should not tolerate employees constantly taking time off if they barely get any work done. But overall, it’s important to remember that everyone at your company is an adult and time off shouldn’t matter as much as the work they put in and the results they put out. By being flexible, your employees will be more likely to be loyal and productive for you.

Religiously Adhering To Policy

While it’s important to have policies at your company, it’s just as important to remember that every policy does and should have an exception. Oftentimes, the big picture matters more than the minute policy details. For example, being flexible with an unhappy customer and going against policy may pay off if they become a valued regular. Don’t create new policies every time something goes wrong, either. These policies will start to get repressive very quickly and cause employees to become disgruntled.

Reaching Every Single Daily Goal

Obviously, you want to reach goals you set. However, good managers understand that not every goal will be reached and that yardsticks are only one factor in an effective management structure. If goals are not being met consistently, you will need to do some in-depth analysis of the problem. But small daily goals that don’t tie significantly into the big picture should not concern you too greatly.

What You Should Care About

Here are the big picture aspects of being a manager that are important and that you should care about.

Having A Good Relationship With Your Employees

Cultivating a good relationship with your employees and treating them like people is something you should care about very much as a manager. You need to care about their ideas and their feelings and show that you value their contributions to the team. They may have very good ideas about any number of subjects, from how the company is run to product improvements. They will repay this relationship with loyalty and hard work because they will feel a sense of pride in succeeding as a company and as a team.

Time Management

Time management is not only important for you – it is also important for your employees. You should care about ensuring your employees have good time management skills. Time tracking methods, including apps and software, are very useful for this purpose, and training sessions can be helpful as well. Optimal time management keeps you and your employees productive, which is good for both the company and the individuals involved.

Actual Results

At the end of the day, actual results are the most important thing you should care about as a manager. Obviously don’t use unsavory, unethical or illegal methods to get results, as that can get you into a lot of trouble. But when all is said and done, you shouldn’t care as much about how employees go about getting things done so long as they have results to show for it at the end.

As a manager, you will want to focus on what really matters. If you spend too much time on trivial things, you will not be focused on what matters and your employees will likely not be very pleased with you as a boss. Take the time to evaluate what is really important in your managerial role and you will be much happier and successful in it.

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