Panda Express Franchise For Sale: What To Consider Before Entering Into This Company


There’s no wonder why so many people are consider franchising as an alternative to opening up their own business. After all, running a franchise offers a number of benefits, and one of them is an established product line or service. Not only that, but the establishment of a feasible business model is no longer a burden when you’re a franchisee. Today, you have a variety of franchise options to choose from like the opportunity provided by Panda Express. If you think a Panda Express franchise is a good business move for you, here’s what you need to know before entering into this franchise.

  1. Startup costs. Most franchises require an enormous amount of money to shoulder the startup costs. For a Panda Express chain of Chinese restaurants, you may need hundreds to millions of dollars before you can operate a franchise.
  • From the license fees, taxes, and improvements to the furniture and supplies, you should know how much it will cost you by setting up a considerable budget.
  • While it may provide a low initial investment, the idea of buying a Panda Express franchise can be quite overwhelming. Not only that, but you also need to set aside the necessary capital to support the business until it begins to profit.
  • Being the most dominant chain of Chinese restaurants in the U.S., the financial requirements of Panda Express are still quite high.
  • That said, you should be aware of the major franchising pitfalls and financial setbacks when entering into this kind of venture.
  1. Profitability. Nobody knows precisely how much money you’re going to make if you run a Panda Express franchise. The amount of profit you can earn from any franchising business will depend on several factors such as the location, labor costs, lease rates, and other related factors. The more crowded your area is, the higher your profits will generally be.
  • However, you should also be aware of potential local competitors operating within the vicinity. If the service you’re providing is impeccable, then the competition should not be a concern.
  • On the other hand, the profit margin of a Panda Express franchise is much lower compared to other industry leaders. The rationale behind this is the restaurant’s high focus when it comes to creating great food and providing its employees with excellent opportunities to grow personally. This is what makes the business appealing in the eyes of so many entrepreneurs in the country.
  • If you’re uncertain about how much you’re going to profit with the franchise, you can call a professional franchise broker to help you review your personal circumstances.
  1. Franchise restrictions. The Panda Express chain of Chinese-food restaurants is on its way toward growing in a number of cities around the United States. However, you also need to consider some of the restrictions when entering into this franchise.
  • Most of the time, franchisors require their franchisees to comply with specific guidelines and standards, which include prices, product offerings, working hours and store designs.
  • Even if you’re the boss, the franchisor has the final say and control as to how you’re going to manage your franchise.

Need Help in Finding A Franchise?

The success of the Panda Express franchise will continue to be an inspiration to every aspiring entrepreneur. With hard work and dedication, you can also create your own success story by buying your own store. Unfortunately, you may not have a Panda Express right now, but there’s a lot of other options to look forward to. Many food style franchises are positioned to be the next Panda Express Franchise. Simply seek competent advice from a vast array of experienced franchise specialists, like the ones at They are more than willing to teach you the successful business concepts used in the foodservice industry, and even other franchise sectors. So, you better start finding the right franchise opportunities for you to kick off.

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