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Negosentro.com | Work-life balance tips from famous dads | While working from home has become the new norm, for busy dads balancing productivity and parenthood isn’t business as usual. Unsurprisingly, studies show that fifty-two percent of working fathers find it difficult to balance work and family. Juggling a job and taking care of your children can be difficult however when you add working at home into the mix conflict can arise. Below are some of the issues working fathers are encountering within their work from home routine. 


When you’re balancing working and watching your kids, it’s difficult to focus on one over the other. Struggling with divided attention is one of the biggest issues working dads face as it’s difficult to prioritize one task without jumping to another. 

Creating a Schedule 

Another challenge for working fathers is finding a new routine that works best for your unique situation. Since your family’s pre-pandemic schedules have been erased creating boundaries and communicating them to your family can be difficult in an environment of distractions. 

Working Around the Clock 

Parents often feel like they’re always on-call for both work and family while working from home. It’s hard to create boundaries by setting clear working hours since you and your family are so close in proximity. 

Luckily there are steps busy dads can take to regain control over their work schedule while still enjoying time with their family. Explore our habits for balancing work and parenting below. 

Become an Early Bird 

If you feel like your always rushed and you can’t catch up on your workload you might need to rethink your schedule. Waking up an hour earlier might give you the burst of time to get in a workout, prepare for early meetings, or do the chores you leave towards the end of the day. One of the benefits of working from home is the ease of rolling out of bed and getting started on work. Use the time you used to commute to get some tasks done. The new schedule might feel difficult at first but as your body acclimates every day will feel easier and you’ll find yourself getting ahead of work and having more time for yourself. 

Maximize Time Outside of Work 

Even though you’re tracking time to stay on top of work tasks when was the last time you looked at how you can better use your time off the clock? Maximizing your personal productivity tactics can save you time and let you speed through chores. Try time batching or delegating easier tasks to family members who may have some extra time and energy on their hands. 

Set Boundaries 

We’re not saying completely shut out your family for an eight-hour workday, but instead, communicate with your kids what you need to do and what times you are unavailable. Better yet, print out a “work schedule” and pencil in breaks for walks, launch, and snacks. This will give your times a clear view of when the next time they can talk to you is and you won’t feel them popping into your office as much. 

Prioritize Health and Self-Care 

Lastly, don’t forget that as a parent you’re not doing it alone. Lean on others to prioritize your mental health and make sure you’re doing what you need to have mental clarity and the energy to be not only a stellar employee but a father. Whether that looks like reaching out to other working dads, asking for help from a spouse or a family member, or just reworking your schedule to include more time for yourself, self-care as a dad is a must. 
Succeeding at the work-family balancing act will always have its challenges however it’s not impossible. Sometimes asking for help or looking for inspiration from other dads can be helpful and show you you’re not in it alone. Explore the visual below to learn some tips from famous fathers in business and what they do to have impactful careers while maintaining a healthy family dynamic

Work-life Balance Tips from Successful Dads

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