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Image Credit: | How To Find Your First Career Job | As a fresh graduate entering the job market, you might be so excited about the possibilities that lie ahead, yet you haven’t given much thought. Landing your first job, in any career field, can be tough work, especially without lots of experience to build up your resume. Having to go through lots of job search sites, plus intuiting precisely what a potential employer wants while sidestepping interview landmines. Good news. It’s a doable task with this guide at your side.

Below are tips to help you land your first job.

Hand in resumes

Handing in resumes is pretty safe. Doing this ensures that the manager gets your application and interacts with you. The best way to do this is to make a list of potential companies or employers you may want to work with. But before doing that, you’ll need to tailor your resume to the job. Reconnect with your references. Prepare and print out your resume and practice what you are going to say when you walk into the office or interview room. Be prepared for any outcome. Some places will take your resume, while others will advise you to use their online application site.

Know what the employer is looking for

It’s depressing yet true; recruiters and hiring managers only spend an average of six seconds looking reading your resume. That’s why it is essential to know what the employers need and what exactly they want. For example, consider certification, you should do a national police check Australia in case your employer will need one, also consider technical skills, soft skills.

Searching for a job 

It’s not enough to search for entry-level jobs. To get the right job, you have to employ job search strategies. Here is where job boards come in handy. You can easily pick out and efficiently apply for the jobs you want. 

These platforms ease the process of job searching. Also, when you go job searching in various companies, you should know very important things. For example, Monday is the best day to look for a job, always schedule interviews for morning hours.


In the current world, it’s all about who you know. Ask your friends and families if they have heard of or know of any job openings that you might apply for. 

They will not only give you a head-up but also help give you an inside scoop of what is expected by the employers.

Take advantage of work experience

When still in school and the school schedules a work experience week, it is useful if you do it. Working for free isn’t easy, and no one dreams of working for free, but it’s an excellent way to get into a company. From the work experience week, you can learn and know whether there are any paying options or not. Plus, if there isn’t, the company might end up hiring you.


Year in year out, there are several graduates released into the job market. It is all about how smart you work to make it through cause getting your first job isn’t easy. Have your well-written resume, consider certifications such as national police check Australia because some employers might need it. It’s tough, but only the smart and determined survive.


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