With A Pixie Cut, You Are Guaranteed To Stand Out In The Crowd

With A Pixie Cut

Negosentro.com | With A Pixie Cut, You Are Guaranteed To Stand Out In The Crowd | Can you think of a more daring and bold haircut for women than a pixie cut? We neither. While you need to have a certain amount of fashion bravery to pull it off, the final result will pay you off with tons of compliments and admiring gazes you are going to collect. Besides, there is a myriad of ways to get the look, from simple and extremely short to elaborate and quite longish. To get the full insight into this impactful haircut, check out the guide below. 

What Do You Call A Pixie Cut? 

As we mentioned above, there are plenty of pixie cut variations, which you can see for yourself by visiting our website Love HairStyles. However, they all have one thing in common – short trimmed back and sides matched to a relatively long top. Often a pixie haircut may incorporate a fringe or bangs, styled in many different ways. However, this feature is not necessary. 

The Most Popular And Stylish Pixie Cut Ideas

To back up our words, we have selected the best ideas for pixie haircuts, which you can never go wrong with. Simply choose the style that resonates with you most and allow yourself to look your best. 

Short Layered Pixie 

As LoveHairStyles states, one of the best things about a pixie haircut is that it works for almost all hair types. So, no matter whether your locks are straight or curly, thin or thick, you are free to go for a short pixie cut. However, layering is key when you have both a thin and thick mane. In the first case, it will create the impression of a full head of hair, whereas in the second case, it will allow you to remove bulk from your tresses. 

Undercut Pixie With A Messy Top

Pixies pair with other popular haircuts very easily. So, if chopped sides and back do not seem short enough for you, take your haircut to a whole new level of boldness by complementing your look with an undercut. Because it removes much of the hair, you will not have any difficulties styling it. Just ruffle the top with a tad of a hair styling product and you are good to go. 

Pixie Fade Haircut

Another awesome accompaniment for a pixie is a fade haircut. As it takes the hair on the back and sides gradually from long to short, it is a bit less striking than an undercut. However, it still makes the hair on top the focal point of your look. So, take care to style it accordingly. 

Pixie Cut With Side Swept Bangs

Because a pixie haircut already comes out looking pretty intense, you do not always have to complement it with something even more eye-catching. To give it a subtle and elegant touch, add long side-swept bangs to your hair look. Not only will they balance it out but they will also enhance your facial features and draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

Long Pixie With A Side Part

Those who think that a pixie haircut is not professional have not tried its elongated version. A long pixie suits any, even the most formal ambiance and creates a very office-appropriate look. For even a more business style, complement your haircut with a side part. 

Slicked Back Pixie 

When you need your appearance to give an impeccable and sophisticated impression, it is hard to think of a better option than a slicked-back hairstyle. What we like about it that you can create it even if you have a pixie haircut. Just make sure to arm yourself with a hair styling product with a stronghold and a shiny finish and you are ready to slay.

Curly Pixie Haircut

Curly-haired ladies should not shy away from pixie cuts. Instead, with their pronounced hair texture, it gains a peculiar twist. Because your locks are already voluminous, you will not need to make the effort to give them body and structure. All you have to do is to enhance the curl pattern with a dime-sized amount of a hair styling product and enjoy the awed looks you are going to catch.

A pixie cut is a surefire way to be in the spotlight wherever you go. Although it requires regular upkeep, it is definitely worth your effort. We hope our inspiring guide has helped you to pick out your next pixie haircut style.

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