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Watch Straps To Rock For Everyday Wear | Even though the more traditional-minded watch collector would cringe at the idea — changing watch straps often seems to be one of the most popular trends in men’s fashion today. If you check social media, you will find that there are a lot of watch-loving influencers that ditch the straps that come with everything from MVMT watches to Rolex watches and replace them with more uniquely designed straps. 

Of course, the practice isn’t for everybody, but if this is something that you are interested in doing, here are some classic and casual watch straps that you can try on with your watch next!


The best thing about watch straps that have stitched patterns is that they can often be really eye-catching if the right color palettes are used. These watch straps basically have threads of a contrasting color stitched along the sides of the strap. 

If you want your watch to look more casual, a stitched watch strap that has two different colors but with the same lightness together would be great. If you want your watch to look more traditional and classy, then a stitched watch band with two different hues of the same color would really give the watch strap more texture and personality.


One of the most useful things about Rally watch straps is that they work for both fashion and function. They are basically watching straps that have different-sized holes in them as part of the design. This design is not purely cosmetic though because it is meant to be a way to provide relief to the skin of the wrist from the heat. In fact, these watch straps are very popular for racers and triathletes. They are good for having a watch without worrying about being annoyed by the sweat that would usually run along with the straps that do not have holes in them.


Ok — so it is very fair to say that bund straps are the caviar of watch straps, they really are more of an acquired taste. The thing to note about bund straps is that they may not look the best, but they are extremely useful when it comes to protecting the skin of the wrist from heat and cold. It also serves to protect the skin of the wrist from trauma. 

If you want to pull off a bund strap,  think rustic and think leather. Try to go for a classy cowboy look because that is something the extra padding on the watch can accentuate.


Probably one of the more popular types of watch straps among millennials are the ZULU straps. The best defining characteristic of ZULU straps is that they are very lightweight. You will barely notice them on your skin at all because they are made with a far softer material than most watch straps. 

Most ZULU watch straps come with patterned designs that work well with more casual looks. Despite the fact that these types of straps are more easygoing, they have been used by high-fashion watches like those of Tommy Hilfiger fairly often. 

The thing you have to keep in mind when choosing the best strap for your watch is it is always a matter of personal preference and taste. It is a good idea to make yourself stand out with a unique strap but always keep it subtle and tasteful. You do not want to use a neon-colored strap on a Rolex, for example, because it ruins the integrity of the brand. 

Keep it simple — make sure you do not go overboard with the design of your watch straps and you just might be the next big trendsetter in watch culture this year.


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