Wireless Car Charger and Mount – Top 4 Options to Buy in 2020

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NegosentroWireless Car Charger and Mount – Top 4 Options to Buy in 2020 | Running out gadget’s power is the last thing you want when you are traveling by car. That is why investing in a good wireless car charger is something a must. However, with a lot of brands and products you can find in the market now, picking up the right one for your needs might be a bit challenging. Here is a look at the top 4 picks for the best wireless vehicle charger along with their mount options to narrow down your choice. 

#1. iOttie Auto Sense

iOttie Auto Sense is a wireless car charger with a premium automatic clamping and a phone mount. The “auto-sense” automatic clamping also comes with two different options that are available for you to choose for, they are a CD & vent clip version and a dashboard mount version. iOttie Auto Sense has a compact design with a telescoping arm and nice color options. With a dual charging USB cigarette lighter adapter, the device is also compatible with most phone cases. The device boasts to charge your phone fast and you will find it easy to plug in the USB-C cable provided while you are driving. 

#2. ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger

The next top pick on the list is ZeeHoo. This is an affordable wireless charger car with various interesting features such as auto clamping. ZeeHoos is also completed with a 10W fast charging and a USB-C cable that are compatible with Android phones. With auto-sensing powered arms, it is easy to attach the device to your car vent mount securely. Interestingly, ZeeHoo also comes with two different mount options, they are dashboard mount and air vent mount, much for your comfort and pleasure. However, ZeeHoo is not completed with a cigarette lighter adapter. Also, make sure to find a power adapter that supports the device for fast charging since it is not included in the product package.

#3. iOttie iTap 2 Wireless

This is another best wireless car charger from iOttie. The product will be perfect the most if you want to have a more discreet-looking wireless charger, thanks to its magnetic mount. Additionally, iOttie iTap 2 Wireless also comes with several mount versions including dashboard mount, CD slot mount, and air vent mount. To use the device for charging, you will need a phone case with some metal built into it. As an alternative, you can use your phone’s rear to attach one of the slim stick on-metal plates of the charger. The features provided by this iOttie iTap 2 Wireless include a Dual USB car charger and an additional USB port. 

#4. X-Doria Defense Helix

Last but not least is X-Doria Defense Helix. The device comes with powered robotic arms, much for your convenience. The powered robotic arms will open automatically once you put your gadget near the charger. Then, the device’s clamp will shut automatically soon after you dock it. Not only that but you will find it easy to remove the device from the charging station. All you need to do is just touch a button found on the deck to open the arms.