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4 Best Motorhomes for Full-Time RV Living

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Negosentro.com | 4 Best Motorhomes for Full-Time RV Living | RV-living has become an increasingly popular phenomenon with lots of advantages compared to conventional homeowner tension. In reality, more than 1 million people live in full-time RVs, and it is estimated that more than 9 million U.S. homeowners own an RV and use it several times during the year. Even if you only travel half of the year, by living in an RV instead of staying in a hotel you will reduce your expenses by up to 45%.


In addition, traveling with kids and making those lasting memories is the perfect way to take a break. Whatever your long-term plans are, you’ll need a trip that’s reliable and flexible enough to suit your lifestyle. If you are considering swapping for a house on four wheels in your mortgage, then here are the best RVs for a full-time living you should consider:

Keystone Montana

True to its namesake state, the Keystone Montana comes fitted for year-round comfortable living. For their Four Season Living Kit, when the seasons change, you will not feel pressured to start rolling off to warmer climes. The package includes heated holding tanks and dump doors, water and heating ductwork insulated in-floor water lines, upgraded AC and furnace systems, as well as additional insulation. With 23 floor plans to choose from, you’ll find one that is ideally suited to meet your needs. 

With three slideouts, you’ll enjoy 41 feet of living space for even more space to spread out, allowing room for features that make the fifth wheel feel right at home. We like the 3921FB floor plan for full-time living, with the optional king size bed. Having a hide-a-bed sofa allows visitors or your youngsters more sleeping space. Power theater seating, two HD televisions and a fireplace will provide plenty of soothing family time options. A refrigerator of residential size means you won’t have to lose cold storage space when you call this place home. If that’s not persuasive, the master bath features double vanity sinks, a 48″x 30″ seat tub, and a soaking bath.


The Winnebago offers a bit of everything. Nevertheless, the attention of this manufacturer is geared more towards motorhomes. Overall, Winnebago offers just over 20 models of motorhomes, the bulk of which are class A and C motorhomes. It also has a handful of Class B motorhomes, but more emphasis is placed on the larger models. 

Surprisingly, Winnebago also offers unique motorhome types with greater accessibility that can be purchased from Auckland Trailers expert–Lucca Trailers. These motorhomes are designed to make motorhome access more convenient for handicapped persons. 

Winnebago also has some towable RV’s. Although they’re all fantastic, you’re not offered as much choice as some other RV brands can. Nevertheless, we conclude that Winnebago is a good option for those who want to stay in a motorhome full-time.

Northwood Arctic Fox

Northwood’s Arctic Fox is well-suited to offering warmth in all four seasons, with high-end features that offer all-weather flexibility. This RV is a versatile all-weather fifth wheel, as its name implies. This is constructed on an off-road frame with shocks on all four wheels, making this rougher and expanding the number of areas in which it can be towed. In tough conditions, and the one-piece front cap features a BackRoad Armor coating for extra durability. 

Also, the Arctic Fox provides all-season insulation so you can live comfortably right through the year. Because of its unique dual entrances, the 25Y floor plan is special. The master bedroom has dedicated outdoor access which adds a sense of privacy and comfort. While the Arctic Fox is built ruggedly, it is worth noting that there are some creature comforts. 

The vaulted ceiling gives this RV a spacious feel. Kitchen and master bath skylights let plenty of natural light in. The combination of garden tub and shower provides enough versatility for a quick scrub or a relaxing soak. A residential size, built-in microwave and extra-large refrigerator make this RV the ideal place to prepare delicious, home-cooked food.

2019 Forest River Berkshire 38A 360HP Motor Home Class A – Diesel

The Berkshire 38A forest river is marginally smaller but the fact that there is a bathroom with a shower and toilet, and then a second bathroom with just a sink, is one of the biggest things going for this model. Living with a family means that when you need to go there is likely always someone in the bathroom at the most inopportune time; having two bathrooms makes this Class A motorhome a great choice if you want to travel full time. There are bunk beds with personal TVs, an optional fireplace and undercarriage storage as well as overhead cabinets. If you’re living in an RV full time, this one is a great choice because it includes everything a house does, including the two vital abilities – to cook and to wash.