Why Windows is The Perfect And Most Reliable Operating System


Mohd.Sohel Ather, Negosentro |  Windows is one of the leading computer operating systems across the globe. Most corporates, students and individuals use Windows computers and laptops for their daily use. Not only is Windows one of the old operating systems, but it is also one of the most affordable ones. If you’re planning on purchasing a brand new laptop or computer for yourself, you definitely need to consider buying a computer with a Windows operating system with valid windows xp key. Nowadays, there are lots of phones that are available with Windows operating system available too. Windows is one of the fastest, simplest and most easy to use operating system in the market.

Windows has such a larger user database that most software and programs are Windows compatible. Whether you’re looking out for games for your child to play on the computer, or you need programs and software for the office, Windows is compatible with most leading software programs. A lot of software programs that are used in corporate organisations and banking organisations like Tally and other accounting software are all Windows compatible. Games like Diner Dash 2, X- Men and many other fun and cool games for children and adults are available for the Windows platform.

Microsoft Office – A Windows Essential, A Lifesaver!

Well, every Windows user knows the importance of the inbuilt Microsoft Office software in Windows computers. Even non-windows users often end up purchasing Microsoft Office software programs that are compatible with their computer operating system. Microsoft Office is a boon to people of all ages. Whether you’re a college student looking to complete a project or you’re a employee of a corporate organisation who is looking to submit a report to his bosses, Microsoft Office has programs for everyone!

Microsoft Word – One of the most commonly and popularly used programs of Microsoft Office is Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is used by students, writers, corporate organisations and countless other individuals and companies. This program is ideal for people who wish to write books, e-mails, letters, notes and more. Microsoft Word has countless different font styles, backgrounds, highlighters and more. If you’re planning on writing a book, then you will find Microsoft Word to be a real boon.

Microsoft Excel – Microsoft Excel comprises of spreadsheets that makes calculations and keeping stock on inventory very easy. If you’re looking for a spreadsheet that allows you to punch in formulae, calculate inventory or even calculate basic prices of your goods, the Microsoft Excel program is what you’re looking for. This program is most popular amongst corporates and business organisations. Even people who run stores and boutiques use Microsoft Excel to keep track of their sales and inventory.

Microsoft PowerPoint – Are you looking out for a program that will enable you to make projects, presentation, animate your works, create slideshows and so on? Then Microsoft PowerPoint is the perfect program for you. From creating top quality slideshows for college projects, to making presentations for clients at work, this program has proved to be extremely useful and handy to countless people.

Besides the above-mentioned programs, Microsoft Office also has some other programs within it such as Outlook and others. All these programs are extremely useful and can help you get by in this fast-paced technological world that we live in.

Several Laptop & Computer Brands Available

Another reason why Windows has gained such massive popularity across the globe is because there are tons of leading and popular computer brands that offer the Windows operating system. Brands like Sony, HP, Dell and several others have computers with Windows operating system. If you’re looking out for an affordable Laptop or computer, laptops and computers with the Windows operating system is the way to go. Dell computers are famous for their incredible and timely after-sales services. HP is popular for its tablet-style laptops and so on.

Easy To Find Anti-Virus Software

Windows may be an excellent operating system, but even after repeated attempts to improve it, it is still one of the most susceptible to viruses. However, finding a good anti-virus system for Windows operating system is very easy. Almost every computer retailer has a wide range of anti-virus software options available for Windows. Also, people can purchase this anti-virus software on several online portals. If you’re looking out for a good anti-virus software, you can opt for Quickheal. Quickheal is one of the most popularly used anti-virus software programs for Windows. A lot of people also buy the paid version of this software online on the Windows store.

User-Friendly Interface

A lot of older people who were born at the time when computers didn’t quite exist or weren’t that popular often end up facing problems adjusting to new age computers and tablet and other gadgets. With the gadgets that have Windows operating systems, people find it a lot easier to use. The interface of the Windows operating system is very simple, easy and user-friendly. Even people who have limited knowledge of computers tend to get around this system with the utmost of ease and without any hassles. Windows is known to have one of the best and most easiest to use interface.

Windows computers continue to remain popular amidst Windows users even though countless other operating systems have shown up in the world. A windows user very rarely switches to another operating system. Windows has seen great loyalty from its customers over the years. The latest versions of the Windows operating systems are unbelievably fast and fantastic. If you’re looking to purchase a new computer for yourself and are completely confused with all the available options, it is strongly recommended that you go in for a Windows personal computer or laptop. Most of the programs and software that you may require to use are all Windows compatible. Even if you’re looking to buy computers in bulk for your office or staff members, Windows is the way to go. Not only are these computers user-friendly and affordable but the inbuilt programs are also accepted and recognised globally and on several other operating system platforms.