Basic Bonsai Tools list for beginners to start with

Basic Bonsai Tools

The way pen is a strength for writers, in the same way the right tools are for the gardener.  To create a beautiful and healthy plant right training and bonsai tools are required.  It is important that you are able to use these tools accurately and create clean and even edges and smooth cuts.  It is important that if you are a beginner you just acquire few basic tools. The more you grow as bonsai gardener you will need more special and specific tools. 

Material used in Bonsai Tools:

Japanese and Chinese bonsai tools are quite known in the market. Japanese are known for their quality whereas Chinese are known for their low prices. The black steel and stainless steel are mostly used for bonsai tools. Black steel needs more maintenance while the stainless steel is more expensive but low in maintenance.    

Some commonly used bonsai tools in Bonsai Planting are:


  1. Shears: They are bonsai tools available in many sizes and shapes and are used for various cutting purpose.
  2. Concave cutters: They are needed for removing the branches from the trunk and for cutting deeply.  
  3. Saws and knifes: They are used to cutting the thick branches trunks and roots. You are not supposed to push them strongly while using them.  
  4. Sickle knifes and saws: These bonsai tools are used to cut the roots inside the pots or in mixing the new soil.    
  1. Root rooks and root hakes: They are also available in different variants and reused to remove old soils between the roots.
  2. Sieve sets: If you are using the granular soil components then it is must that you sieve them before using to separate the grains and dust particles. Stainless steel sieve sets are available for this purpose.
  3. Scoops: To fill the soil in the bonsai plant scoops of various sizes are available in market in various materials and priced.
  4. Chop sticks or bamboo sticks: They are required to push the oil into the cavities between the roots. You must take care while using them because if you will push hard. You may damage the roots.
  5. Tweezers-spatula: These are used to effectively plant the seeds. To push the soil wet moss to the soil or excavating persistent seeds you need tweezers.
  6. Wire: They are required for wiring the bonsai trees. Wires of various diameters and wire cutters with pliers for bending the wires are also used.  These wires are usually made of aluminum or copper. It is easy to use aluminum wires.

Other Bonsai Tools required for Bonsai Plants:  

  1. Dremel machine
  2. Wood hardener
  3. Carving tools set f 5 pieces.
  4. Flex cut set of 5 pieces.
  5. Carving tool with sharp tip and round carved hook.
  6. Carving hooks with angle.
  7. Small and large jin plier
  8. Angled carving hook
  9. Branch splitter
  10. Spear plough
  11. Loop knife
  12. Scalpel
  13. Grinders
  14. Protective glasses
  15. Raffia
  16. Gauze and rubber tape
  17. Screw clamp
  18. Bending liver
  19. Grind stone
  20. Gun and camellia oil
  21. Brushes- nylon, steel, coco, brass and tooth brush
  22. Rust eraser (dark grey) and grindstone
  23. Disinfectant
  24. Leaf cutter
  25. Knob cutter
  26. Concave cutter small and large with straight blade.
  27. Large medium and small foldable saw
  28. Sickle saw and knife
  29. Large and small wire cutters
  30. Set of scoops for soil

It is important that you take care of these bonsai tools well and learn the use from an expert else you may end up either damaging the plant or tool. Buy them from only trusted dealers.