Why You Should Use a Password Manager 

Why You Should Use a Password Manager  safer-business, safer-online-business-practice, password

Why You Should Use a Password Manager | Having a safe and secure password is vital if you are a frequent online user. Passwords for your google accounts and anything else you need online should not be simple and easy for hackers to get through your data and vital information. Although not all things you do online require you to have a password. You can stream The PirateBay without using a password and google different things. It should go without saying that you need a safe password, but it is best to repeat it and encourage everyone to use a password manager. Below are the reasons why you need to use a password manager. 

To have a strong password

If the passwords you create are always simple to help you remember easily, you are at risk. Some of these passwords include joyjoyhappyhappy, your name, passwords, among others. Unfortunately, easy passwords are easy to crack, and a hacker can gain access to your account in minutes if they have the right tools. Therefore, ensure that you make your passwords hard for easy ones are easy to crack. Once you choose your passwords and feel it is a challenge to remember them, use the password manager to house them. 

You only need to remember one password

If you have so many passwords, you have to remember. With a password manager, you will only need to remember one password. This is the one you choose to access the stored passwords in your password manager. Thus, you do not worry about remembering any new passwords. It may be the old and complicated ones or the current ones generated by the manager. To use the manager, open it, type your password and locate the password you need. The only caution is to ensure your vault password is not simple. It should not be overly complex but still not so obvious.  

Password managers offer random passwords

Are you thinking of some complicated passwords to use? Luckily with a password manager, you should not come up with them, or you will end up choosing a similar variation to your usual theme. So, with the help of a password manager, you are sure to include random password generators to create the passwords for you. Some managers will allow you to configure if you feel the password is too complicated for you. Plus, with these tools, you can generate different types of passwords. Unpronounceable, over 20 random characters to random phrases passwords. Use the password manager, and your passwords will be complicated but strong.

The numbers are against you

You may be having tens or hundreds of accounts that need a password. The more accounts you have, the more the numbers are against you. Therefore, you end up using the same password for everything. And this is not helpful if you want to protect your vital information. The rule of the thumb is to use a different password for each account you have. So, with so many passwords, it is a challenge to remember them all. If they are complicated, you will end up not remembering them. So, this is a great reason to use the password manager. 

Passwords are ready for use with device syncing 

As you choose the password manager you want to be using. Check if it allows you to sync your password across all the devices you use to log in to your account. With this feature, you can easily access your passwords on your various devices. Plus, you always have your passwords ready, and thus it is more convenient. Notably, if you prefer this feature, ensure you have a password database that you encrypt with a strong password. You do not want to experience a bad actor intercepting your database and cracking it. 

To conclude, it is a wise thing to do for your passwords to have a password manager. Yes, it adds a step or two to the log-in process. However, when your security or data is at risk, these extra steps are all worth it. But, if you prefer using your simple passwords and think the password manager is tedious, you run the risk of data loss. Thus, be wise and use a password manager before it is late. 

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